21 Jump Street, the series that gave Johnny Depp his big break

Arguably one of Hollywood’s biggest stars today, Johnny Depp’s acting career goes back many years. The Pirates of The Caribbean was already gracing film and TV screens in the mid-80s. He was a rising teenage star with films such as Thrashin’ and Platoon to his name.

Catapulted into fame by a TV series

Even though Depp had already started making a name for himself with his few film appearance, it’s a TV series that one can say thrust him into fame. This is none other than Fox network’s 21 Jump Street television series. Depp starred in this infamous action series and thereby secured himself a lasting spot in the Hollywood world. He had wowed audiences across the world as a teenage screen sensation. Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street Movie

What’s in the series that gave Johnny Depp his big break? You may ask. Well, 21 Jump Street is, first of all, an action-based series. It was created by Patrick Hasburgh in collaboration with Stephen J. Canelle. It then hit the Fox screens in 1987 and was syndicated by the network until 1991. It altogether comprised of 5 seasons and 103 episodes.

Back-to-school cops

21 Jump Street is premised on the life and experiences of undercover cops. With their headquarters at 21 Jump Street, the group of police officers has something that works to their advantage. This is the fact that they’re all youthful looking and can pass for teenagers. They make use of this and send some of them to pose as high school and college students. The deployed officers are tasked with investigating drug crimes in their various institutions.

The series explores a range of societal themes. These include including drug abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, AIDS, discrimination, and child abuse among others. It was aimed at offering morality lessons at the end of each episode.

Depp starred in the series as a patrolman known as Tom Hanson. His co-stars include Frederic Forrest and Sal Jenco among others.

Film adaptation of the series

There’s a Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street movie. The popular television series was adapted into a film in 2012. The film version goes by the same name but is created by different filmmakers. It, however, sticks to the same storyline and sees two undercover officers deployed to a high school. Johnny Depp makes a cameo appearance in the film.