JK Rowling Endorses Johnny Depp and Betrays Millions of Women

JK Rowling Endorses Johnny Depp

Rowling’s remarks about Depp remind me of a favorite Dumbledore quote of mine, where the shrewd headmaster talks of choosing between what’s right and what’s easy.

Yesterday, Rowling released a statement regarding Johnny Depp’s title role casting in The Crimes of Grindelwald movie. The film is set for a monumental box-office success. Fans have, however, been voicing their dissatisfaction with Depp’s casting, and this has to do with the fact that Depp was accused by ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic abuse.

Rowling, a viciously active person on social media, had remained unusually quiet but broke her silence on the matter in a post published yesterday.

Despite defending Johnny Depp and their decision not to recast him, the statement ended: all of us have to do what we believe is the right thing. This immediately reminds one of the famous Dumbledore quotes of choosing between what’s right and what’s easy.

JK Rowling Endorses Johnny Depp

To Rowling, she has a deep conviction that what she did was the right thing. However, as fans continue to share a video of Depp being openly aggressive, breaking glasses near her then ex-wife, as well as the pictures of Amber’s bruised face one finds it very hard to agree with Rowling that she did the right thing. She chose the easy way out.

Heard has even made public the joint statement that she made with Depp on her Instagram page. She says that it was their full JOINT statement. She goes ahead to say that it’s wrong to pick a few lines in isolation and quote them out of context. She then continues by urging women to stand up and remain strong.

In the statement, she acknowledges that though their relationship was volatile, it was ever bound by love. The statement adds that no party made dishonest accusations to gain financially. She ends by saying that she will donate divorce settlement proceeds to charity.

However, we cannot just ignore the actor’s wrongdoings on account of Heard’s magnanimous and temperate response. We need to give Heard the room she badly needs and allow her to attain catharsis that usually accompanies forgiveness. By holding Depp accountable, we let her free to recover and resolve the situation in a way that is best for her.

Rewritten the Story

David Yates, who is the director of the new film, seems to have entirely rewritten the story. When asked for comments about the domestic violence allegation, he responded by saying that he only sees kindness’ and decency’ in Johnny Depp.

Yates comments reflect a serious misunderstanding or understatement of abuse. The biggest challenge victims of sexual abuse often face is that, in most cases, their abuse does not leave any mark. In fact, victims are often forced to explain why the sexual encounter was not consensual. But you can’t possibly discount images of Heard. In her case, the physical abuse obviously left scars, and it’s hard to argue that she created her injuries, as people are quick to say of sexual assault victims.

Insult to women

Yates and Rowling’s reluctance to criticize Depp feels like an insult to the womenfolk in a society that continues to minimise and disbelieves women’s testimonies regarding abuse.

Unable to state that there is no evidence for Amber Heard’s accusation, the filmmakers instead argue that painting Depp as domestic abuser doesn’t conform to their perception of him. Rowling continues to write that together with the filmmakers they are happy to have Depp play a principal character. According to Yates, Heard’s account doesn’t match the person he’s been working for’.

My take on all this is that Yates and Rowling have never experienced or witnessed abuse firsthand. Ask anyone who has, and they will tell you that the strongest indicator of a presence of violence is these types of explanations. This is because most abusers tend to seek refuge in their allies and friends’ good opinions of themselves.

In the meantime, a story that can be told only through a single voice, troubled photographs, and surreptitious recordings will never be broadcast to a blockbuster movie. It will be swept under the rugs and quickly forgotten.

Drunk or High? Johnny Depp Leaves Fans Confused After Showing up Unkempt at a Movie Premiere

Johnny Depp looks untidy at premiere of Murder on the Orient Express

Johnny Depp appeared unkempt at the latest movie premiere, and viewers were left utterly confused by a TV interview he did shortly afterward.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star arrived for the latest premiere of the movie Murder on the Orient Express having an undone bow-tie and looking rather shabby. The event was held at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Afterwards, Depp met with his supporters on the red carpet and later posed for photos with fellow cast members attending the event.

Judy Dench, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz and Daisy Ridley all attended the premiere and outperformed him in matters fashion as the cast posed for photos.

Photos of the 54-year Hollywood star have emerged walking the red carpet while a security aide maintained a vice-like grip on Depp’s arm.

Dressed in an elegant black tuxedo with bow-tie loose, the Hollywood star is reported to have reeked of alcohol as he intermingled with his co-stars.

Johnny Depp looks untidy at premiere of Murder on the Orient Express

A source told The Sun that everyone thought Depp had been drinking.

His personal guard, Jerry Judge, was photographed grabbing hold of the Hollywood star to prop him up and was seen guiding him on the red carpet.

There were also reports that the star visited The Box, A notorious London club before he attended the premiere.
Looking bleary-eyed, Depp left the nightclub surrounded by his personal security.

The movie is based out of the classic novel by Angela Christie and follows stuck on travelers stuck on the train after one of them is murdered.

Pfeiffer, 59, was easily one of the most outstanding actresses on the night. She impressed viewers as she sported a silver floor-length dress with draped sleeves.

Depp’s fans were left wondering what might have gone wrong to the 54-year old while he appeared for an Graham Norton’s interview.

Drunk, High or Both?

Fans turned to social media to express their shock as Depp talked of his childhood dream of visiting Disneyland clad as Captain Jack Sparrow while pretending that he was a statue.

Fans were wondering whether he was high, drunk or ill.

Acrimonious Split

Depp has been through a tumultuous one-year split with wife Amber Rose in 2016 amid allegations of domestic abuse.

Amber then filed for divorce in May the same year amid reports of domestic abuse. The courts granted her temporary restraining orders from Depp, which meant Depp had to stay at least 100 yards from Amber and avoid any manner of contact with his ex-wife.

During the entire divorce process, Amber wrote an open letter on female empowerment and domestic violence subjects, alluding to the fact that she had a personal experience.

Amber had on multiple occasions, accused the Hollywood star of assaulting her, but he ferociously denied these allegations. She alleged one occasion when Depp threw a phone at her that led to her sustaining injuries on her eye and cheek.

Pictures emerged of Amber pointing to a bruise on her face, but police couldn’t find sufficient evidence to support the assault charge.

Reports indicated that Deep agreed to pay Rose $7 for settlement. The couple had been married in February 2015 in the Bahamas at his private island.

Johnny Depp Takes Part in a Threesome in Manson’s Video

Johnny Depp has a threesome in pal Marilyn Manson’s new video

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson have been pals for a long time but they just took their friendship to a whole new level. Depp, 54, and who is famed for starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean, is seen starring in the 48-year old musician’s new song “KILL4ME” music video, which hit the screens for the first time on November 13th, 2017.In the video, Depp engages in a threesome with identical models Bailee Cowperthwaite and Jocelyn Binder.

In the racy Kill4Me track, Depp is seen taking off his clothes and proceeds to simulate a seriously scandalous bedroom with the two models.

Depp is depicted as a nosing video editor who is tempted into a tryst with models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite.

Given that the video is for Manson, it is sure to cause a scandal among his and Depp’s fans.

Stripping off clothes and rolling out in the streets with the models, Johnny Depp is seen imitating various sexual acts with the scantily dressed models.

Johnny Depp has a threesome in pal Marilyn Manson’s new video

Writhing around in an expansive bed, Johnny Depp and the lasses take turns mounting on each other. Manson even sneaks into the scene as he slithers in certain shots.

But the involvement of Depp in this slick and aptly dark but glamorous music video shouldn’t come as a big surprise to the rock star and the actor’s fans, given that the duo is long-term friends.

The Hollywood star featured on 2012 movie titled Born Villain, in which he played guitar on You’re So Vain cover.

But these are not the only music videos Depp has appeared in. He also featured in the Say10 video by the same musician, shortly after Manson released the Heaven Upside Down, the long-awaited album.

Manson, who is a self-proclaimed Antichrist star, gave an interview to The Sun newspaper recently about his latest music video, which he is currently globe-trotting US and Europe promoting.

Referring to the video, Manson had this to say: When you see underwear burning at the end of the video, those are mine. In fact, that’s Depp’s lighter. He burnt my fukcing underwear!

To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed to be standing nude with the two models, Johnny too. Although we’ve been great friends for a long time, we’ve never sat around looking at each other’s underwear.”

About their deep two-decades-long friendship, Manson said that they were both friends from hillbilly country, and the two sharpened their skills in Florida.

In September 2016, during the time that Johnny was embroiled in a divorce war with Amber Heard, Johnny was accused by his estranged wife of domestic violence.

Mansion accused the media of crucifying Johnny Depp especially when the allegations of domestic violence surfaced.

The rock superstar termed the claims as bullsh**t’ and maintained he could never support the claims were his friend to ask him to testify in court.

Following the settlement with ex-wife Amber heard, Johnny lashed out at claims he had visited violence on his wife. He insisted that their relationship was ferociously passionate and volatile at times, but was always glued by love.

The video is sure to cause furore among Depp’s fans, and it remains to be seen just how the whole thing will unfold.

Johnny Depp Allegedly Turns Up Drunk During A Movie Premiere

Did Johnny Depp show up drunk to a movie premiere

Johnny Deep returned to the British capital for the premiere of the movie Murder on The Orient Express on Thursday.

But if looks that he was given by fellow cast members is anything to go, the Hollywood A-lister may have taken one too many bottles.

He appeared somewhat worse for the wear at Royal Albert Hall and is alleged to have been reeking of alcohol while mingling with co-stars Penelope Cruz, Dame Judy Dench and Kenneth Branagh, the director.

Photos of his personal security Jerry Judge needing to practically hold Depp up only lent credence to the fact that he was enjoying a big night out.

Did Johnny Depp show up drunk to a movie premiere

Various reports suggest that Johnny Depp started partying the night before at The Box, a London-based club.

A source from the movie was quoted as saying that Depp had a big old night and had to be warned about smoking while inside three times. The same source reported that Depp didn’t like the fact that too many people were fixated on him.

However, Depp was in a weird mood on the premiere night, and it appeared to everyone that he’d been drinking.

On air, Depp is heard discussing his dream of visiting Disneyland dressed as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, the character of Pirates of the Caribbean. In a piece reported in the Daily Mail, the famed actor also pretends to be a statue.

“I was thrilled to stand still and shout out (in the voice of Jack), “Oi, what are you looking at?” I didn’t get any response whatsoever. I then began describing the people that I was shouting at to let them know I was real. It was a tiresome and at the same time, not a good idea.

Depp was reported to have been lamenting his separation from Amber Heard, which means he’s not yet over the issue.

Depp separated with his wife Amber Heard in May 2016 and it seems that the multi-talented movie star is yet to move on from that relationship. Amber Heard had accused Depp of domestic abuse.

Depp passed on the chance to talk to the press and set the record straight. He even missed the after-party, telling his film bosses and fellow co-stars that he needed to see some two hot blondes before exiting swiftly.

given the manner in which Depp’s recent movies have spectacularly flopped, perhaps he wants to see box office results before popping the champagne bottle.


But Depp’s camp has come out guns blazing to vehemently deny that he was tipsy on that night, terming the reports as completely false.

An Insider termed the reports as completely false and insisted that John was sober as a judge during the premiere. According to the Insider who spoke to E1 News, Mr. Depp came directly from the premier. They added that his security was merely maneuvering him around as they have always done over the years.

Following the claims lodged against him, a section of the viewers criticized Johnny Depp’s on Graham Norton, terming it as uncomfortable to watch. Depp has had a tough few weeks and even his latest film is not doing well at the Box Office.

Johnny Depp Opens up on his friendship with Gerry Conlon in New Book

Johnny Depp and Gerry Conlon

Renowned Hollywood movie actor Johnny Depp has described Gerry Conlon as his long lost brother.
In a touching tribute to the man from Belfast, the Tinseltown star opens up on how the two of them became bosom friends after Conlon was released from prison.

The new details about this unending relationship are contained in a new book about the life of Mr. Conlon, who passed on aged 60 in June 2014.

The details are contained in the foreword of the book penned by Johnny Depp.

The Hollywood movie maestro reveals that he still carries a wallet which Mr. Conlon gave him emblazoned with the word “Saoirse”- which translates loosely to “freedom” in Irish.

Little-Known details

In the book which is titled “In the Name of the Son: The Gerry Conlon Story, hitherto unknown details of Conlon’s wrongful arrest and conviction for Guildford Pub bombing of 1974 are revealed, as are the struggles he encountered upon being freed from the prison.

Johnny Depp and Gerry Conlon

The book is authored by Richard O’Rawe, a former Republican convict who grew up in west Belfast with Mr. Conlon. He remained friends with the deceased throughout their adult lives.

Mr. Depp, who has featured in several Hollywood Blockbusters such as the Black Mass and Pirates of the Caribbean, has written a lengthy eight-page foreword for the book that went on sale on October 5, 2017.

It is not every day that a movie star of Mr. Depp’s standing throws their weight behind a project like this.

In the expose’, Depp reveals that he first saw Mr. Conlon in 1989 as he swaggered out of a London prison with his fists raised after completing 15 years in the penitentiary.

The pair was to meet the following year in the corridors of a Los Angeles talent agency. From there on, their friendship grew into a rock-solid bond.

In the whole foreword, Mr. Depp has only kind words for his old friend.

“He was an incredible gentleman who had great mastery in the understanding of the law of streets in the Irish capital of Belfast,” Depp writes.

He describes Mr. Conlon as a loyal, chivalrous and extremely sensitive to injustices, irrespective of how big or small.

He also opens up on the time he visited Mr. Colon in Belfast and spent time with his family.

After being released from prison, Mr. Conlon vigorously campaigned for others who faced similar injustices as him. Many people regarded him as an articulate and eloquent spokesman.

About the Guildford bombings

The Guildford bombings took place in 1974 where one civilian and four British soldiers lost their lives.

In the wake of the attack, three men, Conlon, Paddy Armstrong and Paul Hill, together with Carol Richardson, were wrongfully arrested and convicted as being the masterminds of the attacks.

Several other people closely related to Mr. Conlon, including his own father ‘Giuseppe’ who died in prison in 1980 while serving his prison term, were later wrongly arrested and convicted.
The people arrested after the Guildford bombings later formed a group called the ‘Maguire Seven.’

The hit movie of 1993 called In the Name of the Father was derived from the prison experience of the father and the son. Gerry Conlon played the part of Daniel Day-Lewis in that movie.

In the magical kingdom! Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose has a ball at Disneyland as she shows off her pretty face paint and Minnie Mouse hands

Magical: Lily-Rose Depp

She has been caught up with recording motion pictures and going to mold occasions.

She has been caught up with shooting films and going to mold occasions.

The model looked staggering as she was seen wearing glittery face-paint in a progression of post on her web-based social networking account.

Lily ventured out in a full Disney troupe with white Mickey Mouse gloves and a red mouse-ears cap.

The 18-year-old likewise influenced a stop at the adored Disneyland to the manor to catch the ideal picture minute.


Lily’s male model beau brandished a less bright group by wearing all dark, including a dark beanie that stood up over his head.

Magical: Lily-Rose Depp

The glad couple was seen meandering the recreation center snickering and energetically recording their day at the event congregation.

The girl of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis has been carrying on with the fly setting life, taking after her renowned guardians.

Lily is right now cutting a fruitful profession as both a model and a performer.

Not long ago Lily went to the WWD Honors in New York City, joined close by Karl Lagerfeld, the inventive head executive for French mold house Chanel.

The French-American performer has presently been taping Les Fauves, which is thought to tell the story of a campground where youngsters begin to vanish once again the mid-year, with gossipy tidbits a major feline is assaulting them.

Lily-Rose goes up against the featuring part of Laura nearby French performing artists Laurent Lafitte and Camille Cottin.

The star has already shown up in films Planetarium, The Dancer and Yoga Hosers nearby her popular father, Johnny.

The model looked dazzling as she was seen brandishing glittery face-paint in a progression of post on her online networking account.

Lily ventured out in a full Disney gathering with white Mickey Mouse gloves and a red mouse-ears cap.

The 18-year-old likewise influenced a stop at the darling Disneyland to palace to catch the ideal picture minute.

Lily’s male model sweetheart brandished a less brilliant troupe by wearing all dark, including a dark beanie that stood up over his head.

The glad couple was seen wandering the recreation center laughing and energetically recording their day at the entertainment mecca.

The girl of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis has been carrying on with the fly setting life, taking after her celebrated guardians.

Lily is at present cutting a fruitful vocation as both a model and an on-screen character.

Recently Lily went to the WWD Honors in New York City, joined close by Karl Lagerfeld, the imaginative head chief for French design house Chanel.

The French-American on-screen character has presently been shooting Les Fauves, which is thought to tell the story of a campground where youngsters begin to vanish once again the mid-year, with gossipy tidbits a major feline is assaulting them.

Lily-Rose goes up against the featuring part of Laura nearby French on-screen characters Laurent Lafitte and Camille Cottin.

The star has beforehand shown up in films Planetarium, The Dancer and Yoga Hosers nearby her well-known father, Johnny.

Johnny Depp’s renowned creep Jack Sparrow can be obtaining exterminated in the Next Pirates of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp's iconic scoundrel

Jack Sparrow, one of Johnny Depp iconic figures who has featured in the Pirates of The Caribbean, could be eliminated in the next episode of the film. Jack Sparrow, the legendary pirate and the captain of the Black Pearl is revered for his trickster traits in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. He comes out as a master of self-interest and self-promotion and a captain of dubious sobriety and morality.

His roguish and dubious character has made him a resourceful and an unequivocal admiration in the blockbuster industry. It, however, appears like it is time for Johnny depp’s Jack sparrow to walk the plank as he is likely to lose his position in the next episode of Pirates of the Caribbean. Brenton Thwaites and Kaye Acodelario, the new young stars in the franchise are likely to seize his popularity stakes, as it has been reported.

Johnny Depp's iconic scoundrel

According to the reports in the Daily Star, Edward Scissorhands, the 54-year old actor popularly known as Jack Sparrow, might be phased out once the sixth episode of the film gets the go-ahead. this might be in favor of these two newcomers. The two young stars will also get the platform bring in new energy and ideas into the franchise.

The fifth film was released last month in the Disney Swashbuckling epic. This film saw Johnny Depp, share the screen with Stephen Graham, geoferey Rush and Javier Bardem.

However, it seems like the two stars that stood out of this film are Brenton and Kaya. Brenton is Famous in the films Maleficent and The Gods of Egypt, while Kaya is popular for her Maze Runner and E4’s Skins films.

Speaking to the daily star, one of the insiders said, “There was once a time when Johnny deep gave the grounds to watch these films. This is not the case anymore as depicted in the audience.”

The inclusion of kaya and Brenton has become a point of interest as it could bring a new energy into this film.

Mirror Online has already contacted Johnny Depp’s representative for his Comments.

It is, however, worth noting that Johny Depp’s role has been very fundamental in the film franchise. The American producer, actor, and musician are perhaps considered one of the most versatile and outstanding actors of his time. He has been a key figure and prominent in films from the 1980s. The year 2003 was very pivotal as it saw him share the same screen with Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

Both Orlando and Keria exited the films just after the release of the second release, Dead Man’s Chest. They, however, replayed their roles of Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner in the fifth film.

The main producer of The series Jerry Bruckheimer is yet to rule out the possibility of a sixth film. In May, he even gave a hint that the sixth film could well be on the cards.

Speaking to Cariety, He said,” If the public showed up for this one, and Johnny is willing to do another one, and Disney is also willing to pay, then we will obviously be there.”

Johnny Depp and Daisy Ridley Lead Roles in Murder on the Orient Express

Johnny Depp and Daisy Ridley in Murder on the Orient Express Trailer

Johnny Depp and Daisy Ridley are some of the brilliant faces in Murder on the Orient Express. They have made a great contribution in the area and their names are quite familiar. The movie evolves from a1934 crime novel by Agatha Christie. This is a famous crime novel that has been adapted a number of times in media. It is a mystical story that features the murder of a man traveling on a train to Europe.

Johnny Depp plays the role of Edward Ratchett, the passenger who was killed in the train. Edward Ratchett is a rich businessman with lots of secrets that he has not shared with others. He is dubbed by the director as a very dangerous man and a great threat to others especially those who do not know him. Edward is killed in cold blood on an extended train ride across Europe. With Johhny Dep and other great stars on the Murder on the Orient Express, it is expected to be a great hit. Johhny Dep is a famous actor with huge achievements and his name rans high in entertainment. He is not new to work that is successful. His latest blockbuster success is the Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales. In fact, his works have received a lot of recognition and have been a major point of reference by various people.

See Johnny Depp and Daisy Ridley in Murder on the Orient Express Trailer-1

Daisy Ridley has the role of Mary Debenham. Mary Debenham is an independent-minded lady who is in a relationship with Dr. Arbuthnot, a role played by Leslie Odom Jr. She is young and unmarried and a governess to two children in Baghdad. Daisy Ridley has recently been in the limelight with her role as Rey in the film Star Wars. Aside from acting, Daisy shows great talent in jazz, ballet, and tap.

The movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh. Kenneth also plays a major role in the movie as Hercule Poirot, a private investigator who seeks to unearth various issues. He is the great Irish actor, producer, screenwriter and director who has termed himself as the greatest detective in the world. In the movie, he is tasked with the role of investigating the passengers and identifying the person who committed the murder much as the murder was a mystery. Branagh now serves as the president of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where he studied. He has received academy awards for best actor, best live action short film, best director, best-supporting actor and best-adapted screenplay.

Other than Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, and Daisy Ridley, the movie also features a significant number of actors who have assumed both major and minor roles. These include the following:

– Penélope

– Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Biniamino Marquez

– Hubbard

– Judi Dench as Princess Dragomiroff

– Tom Bateman as Bouc

– Hardman

– Lucy Boynton as Countess Andrenyi

– Marwan Kenzari as Pierre Michel

– Schmidt

– Josh Gad as Hector MacQueen

The movie is set to be released on November 2017.

Johnny Depp carries his Jack Sparrow Costume Everywhere he goes

Johnny Depp carries his Jack Sparrow Costume Everywhere he goes

One thing is for sure, Johnny Depp loves his Jack Sparrow costume. Johnny is always prepared to bring out Jack Sparrow, the character he plays on Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster a multibillion production that has made roughly $800 million. Depp’s character as Captain Jack Sparrow has made a huge impact in his career. Before he was given the role, he was simply known as a cult film favorite. Years later, he is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood.

Depp visits children’s Hospital as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp has on several occasions made hospital tours to entertain children while dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. At BC Children’s hospital in Canada, he had a five hour tour where he interacted with the young ones admitted at the pediatrics, neurology and oncology departments. During the tour, he hosted a pirate themed party, had talks with the children and took lots of photos. He wore the full costume for the five hours he was at the BC Children’s hospital. After the tour, the hospital appreciated his visit by commending his good work via a Facebook post. BC Children’s hospital is a pediatric care facility that caters for children with serious injuries and illnesses. He made the visit during a filming tour for the comedy, Richard Says Goodbye.

Johnny Depp carries his Jack Sparrow Costume Everywhere he goes-1

Prior to visiting BC Children’s hospital, Depp had also visited the Great Ormond hospital (GOSH). His daughter was admitted in GOSH in 2007 with a kidney problem, a period that he highlights as the darkest time in his life. Depp claimed that he returned to the hospital dressed in his character as a gift. In an interview he also stated that being able to brighten the smiles of the children in the hospital meant the world to him.

Earlier in 2015, he also showed up at the Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s hospital. . He arrived in a helicopter dressed up in his full Jack Sparrow outfit and makeup. They had toured the area to film Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He and co-star Stephen Graham spent roughly two hours with the children admitted in the hospital. Sources say that he had requested for his visit not to be publicized but his fans could not contain the excitement; cute pictures were published all over social media.

About Johnny Depp

Born in June 9, 1963, Depp is an actor, musician and director. He was raised in Florida by his parents John Christopher Depp and Betty Sue. He dropped out of school at the age of 15, after which he was involved in a series of music garage bands. While on a visit to Los Angeles, he landed his first acting job in the horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. More opportunities opened up which saw him rise to one of the world’s biggest film stars. Away from acting, Johnny is a well known philanthropist who loves giving back to the society. He is especially involved in children hospitals where he has made monetary contributions and showed up in person on several occasions to cheer up the children.

The Truth behind Johnny Depp Controversial Assassination Remarks Concerning President Donald Trump

Johnny Makes Comment About Assassinating Trump

So, what I am going to discuss here does not relate to your previous arguments concerning political attitudes, because none of them is better. I am not planning to start a debate on whether Donald Trump is the best president or a bad one.

The purpose of this article is to clarify Johnny’s remarks concerning President Trump. Many people on the internet have been found either criticizing or praising Trump on how he handles issues and makes public statements. Many of them are not the public domain but have been expressing their views on how Trump runs the affairs of the United States. Mostly they do this through various social media platforms, even politicians. Most of them criticize Trump blisteringly to the extent that they become offensive. So, why is that most people are reactive about Johnny’s remarks while various actors always tweet negatively about president Trump? Johnny is a normal person like any other who is advocating for change where it is needed.

Another purpose for writing this post is to warn you from sending me threatening text messages directed at Johnny. I assure you that I will not forward any message to him. Kindly remember that this site is only meant for Johnny Depp admirers and is not in any way related to Johnny or his film management. Your many emails will not be sent to Johnny!

Below is a short clip of Johnny Depp remarks against the head of state of the most powerful nation on the planet. I felt it necessary to include it to clarify that Johnny Depp is not intending to become an assassinator and will not be in future. His comments are just like those of politicians who are advocating for people to change and act. Johnny was attending the Glastonbury Festival on Thursday in the Pilton English Village. It was here that he uttered remarks about Trump before introducing his film, the Libertine.

“Can we discuss a bit about Trump?” Said Johnny to an elated crowd who responded with boos, according to the recorded video obtained from the festival. The crowd rejected saying “no “to his proposal. I think the crowd misunderstood him completely. He said that he knew that the remarks he was about to would appear in the press and urged the crowd to be part of the breaking news. It is then that he asked them whether they can remember the last time a president was assassinated by an actor. Finally, he said that he is not involved in acting but tells lies to earn a living and he thought it was the right time for him.

Immediately after this festival, Johnny went to the press on Friday to apologize to Americans who misunderstood his remarks. He said he deeply felt sorry for what he said concerning President Donald Trump. But the majority of social media users had already condemned his remarks. Many of his fans promised even not to buy his movies as they could not understand why he made such damaging remarks. But all is not lost for Johnny Depp as a section of his crowd took his apology positively and are ready to continue watching his movies.

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