It’s some weeks from now when Johnny Depp; a renowned Hollywood actor, sued his business managers for professional negligence claiming they mishandled his money for 17 years (1999-2016). The Management Group, however, took a further step in this case and they filed a suit against their ex- boss claiming he still owes them some amount.

The upcoming case discloses some of the actor’s extravagant lifestyle, which the countersuit claims it’s the main cause of Depp’s financial turmoil. The former managers have alleged that the actor spent $30,000 a month on wine and a shocking $3m blasting author Thompsons’ ashes from a cannon. Depp reportedly said that he was just giving the best of wishes to his long time friend. Thompson died in 2005, at the age of 67 after shooting himself. He had kept their friendship with Depp since they both appeared in the 1998 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie. It’s believed that Johnny Depp bankrolled the ceremony that involved raising cannon, 47m high to the top of a tower on Hunter’s Colorado farm.

After launching their countersuit on January 31, The Management Group claimed Depp was so arrogant to heed their financial advice and that of the other advisors. Depp claims on the managers included financial mismanagement and defraud, hiding the extent of his spending from him and taking out loans without his approval.

On the other hand, the countersuit responded that Depp was fully briefed and well informed of his extravagance. They claimed that the poor states of his finances were due to his own negligence and spend drift behavior that included a failed record label valued at $ 4m, $ 18m on the 150-foot yacht and luxurious private planes valued at $ 200,000 a month. Other spends included $ 150, 000 on security a month and $ 300,000 for maintaining his 40 staff a month.

TMG, (The Management Group) said that Depp has refused to live within his means. He despised the constant warnings about the financial status and instead rebuked them for issuing such advice and “unnecessary” warnings. In December last year, Johnny Depp was named one of the worst value actors by the Forbes magazine. Depp has now won the same title twice- he also won it in 2015. Depp has also been in a long allegation of assaulting the then wife, Amber Heard during a domestic fight in their Los Angeles apartments. There have been some domestic allegations by Amber Heard against Depp way back in August 2016; the two settled the case the same month. Amber Heard withdrew the charges from Depp after they came to an agreement.

Depp has appeared in many favorite movies such as the Harry Potter, spinoff Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and this year he will turn up in his most iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow; for the sixth film of Pirates of the Caribbean. He has also received various awards, and his latest being the People’s Choice awards that were held last month. He made an emotional speech where he thanked all his fans for believing in him and always supporting him in the acting career. Depp’s long and unsettled domestic allegations came to an end after they divorced successfully, January this year.


  1. Boy Forbes is really ignorant. Johnny’s career is not just in the USA. He is very popular world wide .He makes three times as much in Japan and China The last Pirates was finally projected to make around ONE BILLION dollars after the sales of DVDs rentals and merchandise. The paltry 300,000,000 in the USA is a drop in the bucket.
    About Hunter S. Thomson, That is what Hunter wanted ,and, Johnny, loving his friend, carried out his wishes.
    He kept his word.Johnny is known for being loyal.There is an old saying….You can tell what a person is really like by watching what they do when they think no body is looking.
    Now about Johnny beating Amber,that is a crock!!!!! A beater leaves a trail of battered women. Johnny has never had a whisper of abuse.His first wife Lori ,and last before Amber Vanessa , among others came forward and stated that Johnny had never been violent .He might do a room in…no wait,that was the armadillo….Any way his exs came forward and forcefully stated that Johnny was gentle and kind,When your exs come forward to defend you ,you must have something going for you.Some of the things that Johnny bought like the hearing aids and hospital equipment are not mentioned by his managers. He has given to charity and bought things for people who could not afford the items they needed.The only reason I know about it is I have the time to search this stuff out.I have likeminded friends all over the world and we trade pictures and information.We keep our ears to the grond.Some of us exchange info with friends who like other artists.We hear something on a guy they like and send it. They pick up something on our guy and we get a heads up
    One last item Johnny is a very good actor and he gets into his role.He grows and cuts his hair,loses and gains weight etc.Most of the actors I like do this.He may look like a buzzard for a year and then a greek god the next.He’s going to give 110% and that’s why I love him


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