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Please read the following before joining the list!

1. You must be a fan of Johnny Depp.

2. You don't need to have a website, but you must provide me your name,a valid e-mail address and your country of residence.

3. If you have a site, please add a link back to this fanlisting, you can use an image code or a text-link, and keep it up at all times. Save the code to your own server and put it in an obvious place. You must have the code up before/just after you join, otherwise you will be added without your site.

4. You may join with any kind of site except those with hate or porn. DO NOT DIRECT LINK!

5. Keep your information updated using the edit info form!

6. Joining is free, there are absolutely no costs involved with being listed at the fanlisting!

!! Please note that we are not Johnny Depp, nor do we have any contact with him. This is not a mailing list, but a list of fans from around the world.

If you're still interested in joining other Johnny fans from around the world to show your appreciation, go on to the join form!