Johnny Depp looks untidy at premiere of Murder on the Orient Express

Johnny Depp appeared unkempt at the latest movie premiere, and viewers were left utterly confused by a TV interview he did shortly afterward.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star arrived for the latest premiere of the movie Murder on the Orient Express having an undone bow-tie and looking rather shabby. The event was held at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Afterwards, Depp met with his supporters on the red carpet and later posed for photos with fellow cast members attending the event.

Judy Dench, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz and Daisy Ridley all attended the premiere and outperformed him in matters fashion as the cast posed for photos.

Photos of the 54-year Hollywood star have emerged walking the red carpet while a security aide maintained a vice-like grip on Depp’s arm.

Dressed in an elegant black tuxedo with bow-tie loose, the Hollywood star is reported to have reeked of alcohol as he intermingled with his co-stars.

Johnny Depp looks untidy at premiere of Murder on the Orient Express

A source told The Sun that everyone thought Depp had been drinking.

His personal guard, Jerry Judge, was photographed grabbing hold of the Hollywood star to prop him up and was seen guiding him on the red carpet.

There were also reports that the star visited The Box, A notorious London club before he attended the premiere.
Looking bleary-eyed, Depp left the nightclub surrounded by his personal security.

The movie is based out of the classic novel by Angela Christie and follows stuck on travelers stuck on the train after one of them is murdered.

Pfeiffer, 59, was easily one of the most outstanding actresses on the night. She impressed viewers as she sported a silver floor-length dress with draped sleeves.

Depp’s fans were left wondering what might have gone wrong to the 54-year old while he appeared for an Graham Norton’s interview.

Drunk, High or Both?

Fans turned to social media to express their shock as Depp talked of his childhood dream of visiting Disneyland clad as Captain Jack Sparrow while pretending that he was a statue.

Fans were wondering whether he was high, drunk or ill.

Acrimonious Split

Depp has been through a tumultuous one-year split with wife Amber Rose in 2016 amid allegations of domestic abuse.

Amber then filed for divorce in May the same year amid reports of domestic abuse. The courts granted her temporary restraining orders from Depp, which meant Depp had to stay at least 100 yards from Amber and avoid any manner of contact with his ex-wife.

During the entire divorce process, Amber wrote an open letter on female empowerment and domestic violence subjects, alluding to the fact that she had a personal experience.

Amber had on multiple occasions, accused the Hollywood star of assaulting her, but he ferociously denied these allegations. She alleged one occasion when Depp threw a phone at her that led to her sustaining injuries on her eye and cheek.

Pictures emerged of Amber pointing to a bruise on her face, but police couldn’t find sufficient evidence to support the assault charge.

Reports indicated that Deep agreed to pay Rose $7 for settlement. The couple had been married in February 2015 in the Bahamas at his private island.


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