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Brittany loves Johnny because... "There is so much I love about Johnny! Let's see... I think some of the things that make him most sexy are his dark sexy eyes (sigh...), definitely his heritage, his ability to be different from the rest of the Hollywood crowd, the way he is committed to his family, his tattoos (I love em'), his voice, his wonderful acting ability, the way he can play ANY type of character with ease, and just his general demeanor and attitude... he's so laid back, and just plain sexy! I could go on for hours, but that's a long story made short!"
Jacinta loves Johnny because... "Hollywood hates him and I've always liked the rebels and not the pretty boys. Plus he's pretty hot and I think he'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. I also really like the 'dirty' image he has. He doesn't look like he showers much and I think thats wicked! love ya!"
K.K. loves Johnny because... "The roles he plays on his movies.....and he is hott a hell!!"
Helen loves Johnny because... "He is everything i want in a guy. The diferent characters he plays all roled in to one would be my perfect guy. He is beautiful in every way. hes fit, hes gorgeous, there are no words that can describe what makes him what he is, he is inhuman. every night i go on different sights because I feel the need to see his beautiful face. pirates of the carrabean, from hell and blow are his best films. He is such a great actor and because i want to be an actress i admire him for not only his good looks but his acting ability. he has comitment to his work, his family and i hav neva seen him look bad EVER. His eyes are so dreamy and his lips are even better. i love him more than anything on this earth. He's just different from everybody else. I JUST LLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEE HIM!!!!!!!!!!"
Anna loves Johnny because... "He has the ability to make each character he plays his own. He does what he wants, and I admire that. Johnny can be anyone from the oppressed Edward Scissorhands to the eccentric Ed Wood. He has fantastic versatility and charisma -- qualities that can only be found it the most talented of performers. An actor, a musician, a loving husband and father; I love Johnny because overall, he is true to himself."
Molly loves Johnny because... "He's great at acting and also GREAT looking. He's be soo much hotter if he didn't have a girlfriend and two children. Plus the people who voted him the sexiest man alive? Are so TOTALLY right!!!"
Selina loves Johnny because... "He's got the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen. They are just soooowww dark!!! And there are many more reasons why we love him, but this is the the reason why he's the sexiest man on this planet and why I really fell in love with him!!! -xxx-"
Jay loves Johnny because... "He's johnny depp... what else is there to say? pure talent... pure excellence... and the way he looks at the camera not giving a shit if he's cool... it makes him cool... yeah that's johnny depp"
Becca loves Johnny because... "He is so talented and whenever i am watching one of his movies i feel like im there. Johnny makes it seem so real and he brings his movies to life. A show or movie is nothing without Johnny Depp. He is so dreamy and gorgeous and i LOVE HIM SOO MUCH! i could go on forever about how much I love Johnny Depp."
Megan Leigh loves Johnny because... "Johnny has this amazing calm and mysterious air about him... to me and many others, that is incredibly sexy. He marches to his own beat in life and makes his own choices for himself, another great thing about him that I value in people, including myself. You have to be either confident or crazy to do that, but I think it is a bit of both... He is not arrogant or to much of a rebel, but I believe that he knows the ins and outs of life and can make it up as he goes along. Plus, I cannot get enough of a certain pirate called Jack Sparrow.... enjoy, Depp lovers! I am right there with you!"
Lindsay loves Johnny because... "He is not only drop dead gorgeous, but also an excellent actor. He can make any movie he's in great, no matter what it is. He has so much talent, he's just incredible!!"
Kelsi Napier loves Johnny because... "he is the best actor i have ever seen. i have watched every single movie of his and he just acts so normal ion every single movie that he is in. johnny is sweet and easy going and he has a lot of passion in what he like to do. about two years befor pirates of the carribean came out i wished that johnny and orlando would star in a pirate movie together and it came true. i love johnny also because of that and i have always wanted to meet him."
Angeli loves Johnny because... "he's the sexiest and hottest man i have ever seen. he's so great! by the way.. i'm just 15."
Megan Squires loves Johnny because... "Hes sexy! and a really cool guy,and sexy!"
Valerie loves Johnny because... "he should smile showing his teeth more often. He has great eyes and a terrific smile. Loved him in the Pirates of the Caribbean as Jack Sparrow. Looking forward to seeing him in Pirates 2."
Sarah loves Johnny because... "Oh my god have u seen him!!!!!!!! dat why i luv im coz e is downrite gorgeous!!! an coz he is da best actor eva an so talented in over things as wel. he is sexiest man alive who eva lived an eva wil live. He is God Deppism ain't just a disease it's a religion, my religion an i really believe it i am a true Deppist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Ryan loves Johnny because... "It's so sexy to see someone passionate about what they do, take chances being unique, be so expressive, so cool, sooooooo very talented, and soooooo VERY good looking! Damn! ;)"
Rosanna loves Johnny because... "He's unafraid to act- to put his whole mind into his acting. And that he's probably the only actor in the business that is honest enough to do what "he" wants- not what the media and public do."
Kerri-Ann loves Johnny because... "He is a very talented actor and all of his movies are great. He is very sexy everything about him is sexy. I just love him . U SAVVY ?"
Shell loves Johnny because... "Of his whole persona. Its almost beyond physical. Just his presense in every scene, the way he protrays whatever character. The way he is so laid-back & down to earth. His attitude, he doesn't care what people think of him, he is a true inspirational actor. He knows that his is talented, sexxy and just like whoa! He stands out compared to all the other actors. He is totally handsome but he doesn't over do it, he under does it which is unique. And he has flaws and he flaunts them, thats what makes him sexxy. He knows his imperfect which is what I find the most attractive attribute that Johnny posseses. But some of his immaculate physical features helps as well. One word to describle him: sexcellent!?"
Deppmania loves Johnny because... "his charming eyes make me feel that I am alive and i love his diversity i think he is the hottest guy in the world i love him ssooo much"
Celia loves Johnny because... "The very first good quality about him is his attractively beautiful face, his style of acting in most of his movies esp the recent one "Pirates of Carribian", that was quite a challenging role, worthier than his previous acts. I should say nobody could get the OSCAR beside Johnny in the category and i bet everybody deserves him among the list.As a matter of fact he is the handsomest actor in the HOLLYWOOD."
Rex loves Johnny because... "There are no words to describe why one loves Johnny. No words at all. It is just a thing one understands about another. All of us who love him, do not need to read each others reasons, we all know why. There's no way to explain it. No explanation for the fondness, devotion, graditute and love we feel for this... this...this human being. Perhaps it is because he seems not like a human being. Not like the rest of us. He is not one of us, he is above us in a sense. Almost god-like, but not in the way that he is perfect-no, he has flaws, but in the way that he understands. It is as though he has nearly figured life out. He knows not to waste it, but to behold it's beauty. He recognizes the beauty of new innocent life which he has witnessed from his children. It's so amazing that a star-an ACTOR, can see that. Indeed he has."
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