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October 03
01. Teresa - "Bats!"
02. Devron - "Guys, my's too heavy...guys, GUYS??!!" Johnny tips over....
03. Mindy Pace - "What light through yonder window breaks, wait?"

November 03

01. Regine: Where I left my lighter?
02. Zander: Oh dear... who took the rum?!
03. Candy: "To shave or not to shave..."
04. Ariel: And I said to Hunter, "Just a little off the top"
05. Tara: That "People" magazine sure are right...
06. Erica Smith: How did I get so sexy?

December 03

01. Claire: Great! Of all the places to lose my contacts.
02. Devon: Exuse me, oh sorry...I'm sorry!...I just dropped my lighter on the ground..ow!...ok now that was on purpose...
03. Angela: Where the hell is my coin?
04. Meg: "Left hand green!"
05. Paige: Oh my gosh! I can see myself in the floor!
06. Courtney: knew I should have worn the hat
07. Rachel: He's thinking his nees hurt because thecement!!!!!
08. Michael: HOLD ON!! LOOK!! I FOUND A PENNY!!
09. Gerdt: Just like that kid in "Big Daddy".
10. Brittany: Ooops! I dropped my lighter!
11. Laura: "must.... find..... lighter!....damn it!"

January 04

01. Olga - "I know you're looking at me. Is it my fault that I'm hot?"
02. Kait - "Stop talking. Stop talking. Hmm.. What's that? Look's like a.. a.. penny?"
03. Niklariana - "I... am so... stoned..."
04. Jessa - "All those fangirls... imagine all the sex they'd give me... all I'd have to do is ask...."
05. Liss - "I think... I may have swallowed my tongue."
06. K.K. - "I should go right to bed after I get drunk...cause im tired!!"
07. Emz - "Must no....t...fall...asleeepppp!!" (starts to snore really loud)
08. Tera - "Three days....No sleep.....Gonna lose it....Huh is that rum!?"
09. Erica - "Does anyone know there's a PERSON with a brain and a soul behind The Face?!"
10. Shell - "Damnit I really should have eaten that apple! Oh well that fangirl looks juicy enough!"
11. Anna - Sigh... "Why did I let my hairdresser use bleach?"
12. Selina - "G-sus it's just too boring over here, I wanna go home!!why are all these people so stupido??"
13. Maggie - "Damn, where did I put that eyeliner pencil?"
14. Sami - "Wow. I am really bored."
15. Shadow - "Must... win... staring... contest... Must... not.. blink..... *blink*... noooooooooo!"
16. Kristina - "Is that my face in that monitor? wow i look .. i look hot!"
17. Jenna - "oh shit, oh shit! there's keira knightley, she's stalking me, ok, just look down and act like you dont see her. *humming* hmm hm hmmm..."
18. Nora - "Hmm...I wonder if i turned off the oven...hmmm"
19. Jayne - *sings in head* "......and really bad eggs......."
20. Bree - "Is that a gerbil? No wait...just a shadow."
21. Lily - "Dude, where's my car?"
22. Tracy - "Why is the rum gone?"
23. Johnnydeppsluver - "I know I am way hotter than everyone over there!"
24. Rex - ".......................................Oh, am I supposed to be thinking?....Oh well...................................."
25. Missy - *laughs evilly* "muah ,, muah-ha, they only think im johnny depp, but im his distant uncles cousins nephew twice removed,,,,,muah-ha"
26. Annie - *listening to the voices in his head*
27. Leanne - "ya, stare a little longer buddy...."
28. Leanne - "no i said i wanted two chili dogs with extra cheese and a big gulp"

February 04

01. Anna - "That shiny thing on the ground is mesmerizing..." *spills drink in lap* "DAMMIT!"
02. Anna - "Is that a plane?"
03. Kt.B - "okay... what did you put in my iced tea...."
04. Susan Eikenaar - "If i throw my drink away like this maybe the dead plant behind my back is coming back to life again"
05. Tori - "Hang over.... so bad.... must not faint" *pukes*
06. Rex - "Bleh!" *Spurts drink out of mouth* "healthy, non-alcoholic drink...yuck"
07. Samantha - "What the hell is in this?" *Spurts drink out of mouth*
08. Danielle - "iced tea!? Yuck... bye bye iced tea... make room for the rum!"
09. Ruex - "Long Island Ice Tea Count: 3 Go me!"
10. Erica - "This could use some more rum. Top me off?"
11. L.o - "what is he doing?is he..who cares. this rums goood."
12. Kelsey - *swish swish* "hmm... this drink needs some rum!"
13. Lois - "I could have sworn her skirt went up! Why won't it go up again!!??"
14. Jay - "WHERE'S THE RUM?"
15. Samantha - "Whoa, I can't believe that the whole telepathy thing works! I better drink it now, huh?"
16. JoHNNysLiTTLeSeCrEt - "eewwww! wot is this! it tastes like, like toothpaste! (so what i'll do is lean over and throw it onto the plant) sure it wont mind. will it? Oh wot the heck! Let's do it anyway!"
17. Megan - "Needs Sugar!!!!!"
18. Kelly - "Am I leaning? feels like im leaning..."
19. Kyesha - "Should I hit that camera man? Or maybe that one? Nooo... I think I'll splash the director?"
20. Sarah - "Nice ass...hehe... :)"
21. Megan - "Cigarettes and rum...just dont mix well..." *spits*
22. Kim - "Dammit, I knew I should have asked for the rum I drank during the POTC!"
23. Traci - "How long do I have to pose like this?"
24. Jessica - "I wonder if this lemon came from that plant over there?"
25. Sarah - "'s okay but needs a lil bit more rum"
26. Mary Colleen - "Damn... look at that ass!"
27. Jenna - "shit...ok, look good for the drink is falling, try to hold on, hold on....oh DAMN!"
28. Sarah - *cringes* "Put a little more ICE than TEA next time!!"
29. Phoebe - "nananananana.... and really bad eggs... drink up me hearties yo ho! I love this song.."
30. Rae - "Why the heck is that plant looking at my ass? Is it another fangirl?! AHHH!! AND WHY AM I DRINKING ICED TEA?!"
31. Rianne - "I think Im gunna be sick..."
32. Vinita - "That girl is so hot!! What do I do to get her to notice me? I know I'll spill this drink on the floor! That'll get her attention..............Oh my God! I so should not have had that fourth bottle of rum this morning! I am soo drunk!"
33. Abby - "HOLY SHIT! Ah! I'm falling off! Must be this non-alcoholic tea! Damnit! I NEED RUM!"
34. Lyra - "Christ, I guess Gore wasnt kididng when he said an after affect of filming on a boat is post-random-sea sickness"
35. Emmy - "What the F*ck is he doing to my car???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
36. Pia - "Hey guys, I wanted some rum and what is that? Ice tea???!!!"
37. Candy - "I miss those pirate days...rum everyday!!!"
38. Gayle - "You could say that, yea, you could. Why the f*ck did I say that?" *hits himself on the head*
39. Sammy - "So, do you think i can do it? how bout a bet eh? 50 bucks I can smoke and drink iced tea at the same time!"
40. Lucy - "heeeeey. that wasn't there this morning. aaaaggghh noooo im fallin!!"
41. Mackenzie - "WOOOAAAAHHH DUDE....PUT THAT THING AWAY...oh actually keep it out mmmmmmmmmm"
42. Emma - "woooahhh MAN DOWN not again first keira now you COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
43. Lilly - "God!, I wish I'd never pissed off that caterer, this drink tastes rather suspicious!"
44. Samantha W. - *Jennifer Lopez walks past* *Johnny leans to see her bum.* "OMG. Becky, did you see that butt! I like big butts, and I cannot lie..."
45. Becky - "lets would appear that im drinking an iced tea..hmm..strange. I really shouldnt have drank all that wine this morning for breakfast..wait breakfast..breakfast..oh shit did i leave the stove on before I left? "
46. Nessa - "Hey...that guy looks kinda like me..holy F*CK!"
47. Nicole Jacks - "Okay why does my tea tastes like Pee?"
48. Caitlin - "God damn, I'm gorgeous."
49. Victoria - "Am I on the set of Pirates or am I dreaming. I'm dreaming cuz im drinkin ice tea NOT RUM. I wish I was on the set. Then I'd be drinking rum. Rum is goood..."
50. Caitlin - "Oh...I think I need Keira's leaning board..."
51. Meg - *spits out his mouthful of drink* "what is this sh*t? i said tea leaves, not this powdered crap! ok, forget tea, where'd I put my rum?"
52. Ally - "HEY Girl!! you can shake that again DAMN SEXY!"
53. Leslie - "YUK!! what is this shit they gave me. oh wel just pour it on the plant thet will never know "
54. Manda - "ohhhhh nooo, I think I'm ganna fall over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
55. Marnie - "Wow. She really does look better with the drink." *picks it back up* "Note to self: Always go with first instinct"
56. Christine - "Would u take a gander at that hottie! Woops, thats a man, i am going to hurl!!!"
57. Alyssa - "Is that a woman or a man?"
58. Emz - "i think ive just swallowed a damn fly again...mmm tastes...tastes just like...RUM oh oh im holding onto this one,HEY LITTLE FELLA YOU CAN STAY IN MY ICE TEA...nah nah it will go all ice teay i need a better place, OH WHAT THE HELL (swallows fly) I THINK IM GONNA PUKE !!! mmmm this sick tastes just like rum JOHNNY STOP IT RUM ISNT YOUR LIFE hey shut up creepy man in my head i love rum mmmmmmmmmm!!!"
59. Alhanna - "Was that an ash?"
60. Erica - "where the hell are they going with my rum?!"

March 04

01. Vivi Sparrow - "Oh mama!"
02. Michael - "ohh what a nice girl"
03. Lilly - "Oh wow! I never realised that if you raiseyour eyebrows your forheads goes really wrinkly! Cool!"
04. QL - "Wow! Hot lady at 12 'O clock!"
05. Nicole Jacks - "Holy Sh*t I see everything in blue!!!"
06. Nicole Jacks - "ooh my god!!! look at all my fansgirls!!!! thereīs a lot!!!!!!!i'm really surprised!!! they loved me!!!!!!"
07. Lotte - "oh my god, theres a giant cockroachon my sandwhich! i'll dry it up to add to my collection! this is great!"
08. Adrienne Marshall - "Oh My Gosh - Orlando really is eunuch."(inspiration from Pirates of the Carribean)
09. Maya - "I can see perfectly well with these glasses..."
10. Geanna - "OH MY GOD! there's the rum! I FOUND IT!"
11. Ruex - "I didn't see what I think I saw....did I?"
12. Lilly - "OH MY GOD! I forgot how fucking gorgeous Iam..........hello sexy!"
13. Marcia - "Oh my God SEXY GIRL"
14. Sarah - "God, that sun is bright!!"
15. Hanhart - "Man, just look at Keira Knightley"
16. JoHnnYDePPLoVr400 - "o my God! the lenses are absolutelykilling me! *maybe if i take my glasses off i could see that chicks ass more*"
17. Jay - "holy s***... i really AM that hot...!"
18. Kathleen - "these glasses look blue!"
19. Sheryl - "I won best actor at the SAG awards? that's interesting!"
20. Megan - "holy sh*t! Ive never seen a bug so big!!!"
21. MollyRyann - "im soooooooooooo awesome dude"
22. Cristina - "Wow! This pair of glasses is really big...."
23. Jenna - *concentrates hard* "stay in this position so everyone can try and guess what im thinking. must not ... move!"
24. Deppysar - "Hey, Maybe if I wear these kick ass glasses to the oscars I might actually win!!!"
25. Priscilla - "omg! i just realized how sexy i am!!"
26. Al - "WOAH! X-ray vision! Cool!"
27. Rose - "whoa! so these are what glasses are!"
28. Bex - "What a 'wonka'!"
29. TP - "is that my reflection? no wonder all of these people are staring at me!!"
30. Pia - "Iīm the sexiest man alive....whoa, did I just say that out loud?!"
31. Ariel - "Oh my god Kira Knightly has some f*cking big boobs!!!"
32. Taylor - "holy hell! somebody put super glue on my sunglasses and now i can't get them off!!!"
33. Kate_Rose - "Oheeeee...that's kinda...what a good-lookin' guy...OHE,that's ME,ME,ME!"
34. Taylor - "what??the rum IS gone?? aw sh*t!"
35. Frankie - "omg, look, it's my biggest fan, Frankie! Hi Frankie!"
36. Sabs - "Oh Jesus! I never meant that"
37. Bethie - "Isnt That Interesting.... Im the 'Sexiest man'"
38. Jenn Marie - "The Oscar goes to WHO??????!!!! Are You reading that right?! I want a recount!!! Just ask all of the ladies in the room who is the real Winner. I'll tell ya, Its the sexy man in the blue sunglasses. THAT'S ME!"
39. Victoria - "Oh my God, that's the costume for Jack Sparrow i mean it is so dirty!!"
40. Lyra - "Ohhhh... they go on that way! I knew that, no really man, I did... seriously"
41. Justine - "I really do look like Jack Nicholson!"
42. Elisa - "Holy Cow!!! These glasses are really good!! I can look through women's dresses just like bond's glasses!!! Oh man! but I'm still for Vanessa, Vanessa baby I love you so much!"
43. Jan - "Woah, that's a lot of rum!"
44. Sammy - "WOW! I'm beginning to hate the people who think I'm obessesed with rum!"
45. _AgNi_ - "What the f*ck?!?"
46. Vivian - "holy crap!... im the sexiest man alive?? damn idea of only making movies where i look sqrewed up didnt*t"
47. Ohri - "Aww thank you lily!" *picks lily up and takes the icecream cone she brought him*
48. Sara - "HoLy HELL! I jUsT lOoKeD in ThE miRroR, i Am LiKE WHOA"
49. Jill - "OOH LOOK i found the ruM!!"
50. Bethie - "Pretty neck, who is that girl?"
51. Bethie - "I'm an A-listed actor?! WOW!"
52. Michelle - "Oh My God, how come I can't see anything anymore?!"
53. Corinna - "Oh Sweet Lord. I knew fans liked me, but not enough to flash me...shocking."
54. Julia - "Okay, watch this! When I put my sunglasses on, everything goes blue! When I take them off, everything goes normal again! WOW! Who would of thought of that?"
55. Amanda - "OMG! that gurl is gorgeous!! what's her name...Amanda?"
56. Ariella - "Holy s*** the rum is gone I just had it right here!!!!"
57. Regina - "wow, i look hot in blue shades...."
58. Brittany - "ouch... last time i look directly at the sun.."
59. Lover - "Well, well, well, nice legs!"
60. Bailee - "do these sun-glasses make me look fat?"
61. Cecilia - "woaw, I see a beautiful girl in blue"
62. Lauren - "HOT DAMN!"
63. Kathie - "omg.. i got my eyes back! yes yes i can see! SH*T theres the courtez damnit damnit" *runs away*
64. Emily - "Arched eyebrows: check. Sunglasses: check. I will now attempt to win theJack Nicholson Look-Alike Contest."
65. Roxanne - "OW!!! i got something in my eye!!!"
66. Jamie - "Dude, do these glasses make my head look big?"

April 04

01. Michelle - "Sshhh, be quiet. Presient Bush in talking about 'nuculear' weapons!"
02. Jay - "Shhh!.. pull my finger...!"
03. Bex - "Sshh, the Oompa Lumpa's are singing!"
04. Kathie - "woah woah did i say u could talk SHH... didnt u se that person over there talking!"
05. Amber - "Shhhh. You didn't hear it from me but Orlando went that-a way...!"
06. Kayleigh - "This way, or that way??? Wow, I sound an awfly lot like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz don't I?"
07. Leslie - "Shhhhh! The fans are finaly asleep.See."
08. Sophia - "Shh! Meet me over there! Don't tell Vanessa!"
09. ValErie - "Shh, i wanna hear the sound when he pulls my finger!"
10. Vicki - "Where did I leave my hat? That way? Oh God I should have stopped after that fourth glass was that?"
11. Jamie - "Shhhhh!! Look over there...Orlando is checking himself out in the mirror!!"
12. Retty - "shh, the old man is talking..."
13. Mila - "I love you...............Ah! Here comes my wife! Shhhhh! I don't want my wife to hear us!"
14. Pia - "Hey mate, shhhh !!! The headless horseman is over there, I saw him, itīs all true..."
15. Alessa - "Shh! that man over there is gonna strip naked..just for me!"
16. Sophie - "what if we put this in here?"
17. Gibs - "Shhhhh! I am going to go over there and 'suprise' her by taking all of my clothes off."
18. Jenn Marie - "Sparrow? He went that-a-way. (Shhhh...)"
19. Emily - "Shhhhh! Can't you see I'm trying to listen?"
20. Lilly - "Everybody shhhhhhhhhhh! my scene is comming up!"
21. Amy - "shhh, the movies about to start."
22. QL - "Ssst... don't look right away, but I think that man is in fact a woman..."
23. Moneta - "Shhhhhhh! He told me to shut up, didn't he?"
24. Geanna - "Shut up!! I was about to fall asleep!! damn!"
25. Sarah - "Shhhh!! i just got Jack to sleep!!"
26. Rose - "Shush! I dont want my wife is over there and i dont want her to know im in this strippers club"
27. Holly - "SHHHH!! The clowns are coming, look north. That's not north. Oh wait, that might be north, my compass doesn't point north. Hmmmm, which way is that way? "
28. Nessa - "president bush over there is a dumbass..shh dont tell him i called him a dumbass"
29. Amanda - "Me? Johnny Depp? oh no you have got to be joking! But, shhh.... I saw him walk that way!"
30. Bethie - "Umm... Mort ran that-away.."
31. Ashleigh - " kids are trying to sleep andi dont want them to wake up"
32. Milada - "Shhhh...that is Vanessa!"
33. Mia - "Shhh! I'm trying to watch myself on TV!"
34. Ebony - "See, if I'm the new James Bond, How about this pose....?"
35. Brooke - "You didn't hear it from me but Orlando's got a new thing for non famous girls and the sing-up sheet is over there."
36. Karine - "Shhhhh, Vanessa, I know that I am too sexy when I have the major in the air... isn't a reason to yell at me like a fangirl."
37. Shannon - "Sshh..I'm on TV."
38. Frankie - "Shh!...Lily, we gota be quiet if we're going to catch mommy doing the macarena!"
39. Alena - "should i go that way or that...?" *look, think* "i'll go that way, there's rum!"
40. Katrina - "Shhh...! Go over there and wait for me...!"
41. Shani - "im so sick of people shushing me. see, that person did it again!"
42. Martinita - "Hey YA!!!!! Heeeyyy...Yaaaaaaa..OH OH"
43. Emz - "shhhhhh, YOU DONT SHUSH ME OR I WILL SHUSHH U get it?! gawd man if you dont shut up right now im gunna shove this finger up your a**!"
44. Peanut - "im suppose to stay quiet? what the hell! im going that way! and i wont be quiet about it!"
45. Stephanie - "Shhh...i love this part it gives me the tingles."
46. Megan - " didnt see me! the fans went that way"
47. Rae - "Maybe if you're quiet, I'll win an Oscar!!! So shh."
48. Elyssa - "shhhhhhh..look at that idiot over there"

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