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March 24, 2008

While most of the Region was still sound asleep in warm beds, some 75 area residents gathered under a bright moon in 20 degree temperatures early Monday in hopes of doing a little star gazing.

Movie star gazing, that is.

Actor Johnny Depp is playing John Dillinger in the biopic “Public Enemies” filming this week in the outlaw’s old haunts in downtown Crown Point.

By 5 a.m., a group of nearly 50 people gathered behind an orange snow fence across Main Street from the old sheriff’s house and Hall of Justice just south of the courthouse square hoping to catch a glimpse of Depp. By 9 a.m., the crowd had grown to a few hundred.

Nicole Vega, 15, of Crown Point and her sister Megan, 22, came downtown around 4 a.m.

“It’s the most fascinating thing in Crown Point since Dillinger broke out of jail and (Rudolph) Valentino got married at the courthouse,” Nicole Vega said. “I just hope I get to see Johnny Depp. Even if I don’t, this is still the most exciting thing to happen on my spring break.”

While word in and around the set was that filming would be taking place solely indoors, those who braved the chilly early morning temps weren’t about to budge. The onlookers saw a lot of trucks and trailers, crews bustling about in and out of the old sheriff’s house and the Hall of Justice, some Crown Point police officers and guards from a private security firm.

But no Depp.

A group of 10 people gathered behind the Hall of Justice building at 5 a.m. after seeing trailers they thought could possibly be housing Depp or other stars from the movie move into the parking lot at The Super Bowl bowling alley.

Katy Krekel, 20, traveled Sunday from Louisville, Ky. with her 13-year-old sister, Anna, to watch some of the filming. The sisters arrived in Crown Point at 7 p.m. and slept in their car.

“It’s Johnny Depp,” Katy said. “I’ve been a fan since I was 5.”

The pair traveled to Wisconsin last week to watch some of the filming there and got to see Depp filming a chase scene.

“We saw him drive by in an old car, and then they were pulling the car on like a big flat-bed and they were filming that,” she said.

Anissa Gray of Crown Point brought her 11-year-old daughter, Marissa Kozlowkski, downtown around 5:30 a.m.

“I have an 8-month-old, so I figured if I didn’t get her up for this, the baby would get me up anyway,” Gray said. “I’ve been in Chicago and New York when they were filming movies, and I wanted her to see what it is like.”

A group of three Merrillville High School students got to the square around 4:30 a.m. The thespians said they were excited about seeing the movie making process.

Unlike their Crown Point school counterparts, the Merrillville students were not on spring break. They had to report to class at 7:45 a.m.

“We’re just waiting for the cameras to swoop in that are worth more than, like, all the money I can ever make,” said Alyssa Shirk, 16, of Hobart

Her friend, Patricia Millard, 15, said she admires Depp’s acting chops.

“He’s a wonderful actor and enhances every film he’s in,” she said.

Some fans were less interested in the acting or the film making process, like the girls with signs adorned with glitter paint pressed against the snow fence reading, “Johnny, hug me please! You’re beautiful!” and “I love Johnny.”

Still, Crown Point police said there were no problems overnight into Monday morning. Several joked that they were thankful for the overtime pay they were getting working in and around the set, paid for by the movie production company.

“It’s good for the city,” Crown Point Police Cpl. Larry Gonzalez said. “We had people starting to line up around 12:30, but they’ve all been fine.”

Gonzalez said he got to take a tour of Dillinger’s old jail cell in the sheriff’s house.

“They’ve got it all remodeled and really looking nice,” he said. “The time and effort they took in cleaning it up is going to benefit the city for years to come.

“We should be thankful for this project.”

Source: The Times Online

  • Mar 24Gregg Hines says:  


  • Mar 24Nicole B says:  

    anyone seen Johnny anywhere in the area outside of filming?

  • Mar 24Jenny says:  

    I was in crown point this afternoon. I brought my 2 young daughters with me in hopes to see Johnny Depp. We were lucky and were able to see him! I tried to get a picture of him waving for my 6 year old daughter, but was unsuccessful. It was so funny. She asked me if I was sure it was him. He didn’t look like a Pirate! We are very honored to have such a great actor as well as a man in our town. Thank you Johnny for taking the time to stand out, smile, and wave to us fans!

  • Mar 25maddy says:  

    why can’t he come to Australia!!


  • Mar 25Rachel says:  

    I was in Crown Point on Monday for 12 hours! Let me tell you Mr. Depp is the best! Everytime he would enter or leave the set he would stand, smile and wave to the fans. When filming wrapped for the day at about 7:20 there were still a lot of people there ( I’m talking hundreds) The security people said he was in his trailer getting out costume and make-up. Then about 8 we got the word that he would come out and greet the fans!!! Me my sister and my daughters had a front row seat. We got some great pix! He is a real class act and very gracious! He shook all of our hands and spoke to us! He got down to my 9yr olds level and spoke with her too. He moved at a good speed through the line of people but still took the time to speak with as many of us as possible He’s the BEST! Thanks Johnny!!!

  • Mar 25shianne says:  

    i got to mr depp in Darlinton i have great pics of him and i got to touch his hand

  • Mar 25shianne loves johnny Depp says:  

    i mean i got to see him and got pics of him up close and got to touch his hand i felt so good i all most cried what am i talking about i did cry 17years old and crying over him was all worth it

  • Mar 25shianne loves johnny Depp says:  

    i sat from 8:30 am intell 9:30 that nigh just to see him

  • Mar 25shianne loves johnny Depp says:  

    thank you johny Depp for letting me and all of Darlinton to be able to see you and i am glad that such a nice man like you came and ment all your fans that love and adore you so much thnk you for the great pics to i realy am happy

  • Mar 25JP says:  

    Yeah I would recommend Johnny Not to get a tattoo from Roy Boy’s that place is filthy! I hope he doesn’t want aids because that is what he will get!

  • Mar 25VirginiaDEPP says:  

    You people over there are so lucky! >.<
    I would just DIE of happiness if he ever came to my town, even if i didn’t get to see him (which of course would not happen because if he came to houston i would not leave the movie set or whatever for one SECOND).

    Gosh, i love him so much.


  • Mar 26Kelly says:  

    Last Thursday evening. Johnny Depp was in Columbus Wisconsin. I happen to live in that area so I had taken my 2 girls (9 and 7) downtown Columbus to see him…. He was filming the love scene. he came back to the trailer around 7pm. and came out to greet his fans around. 8pm. It was the best night for me and my girls. we had a good time. They were so excited to see him. So was I. I have been a fan of his for a long time. Since 21 Jump Street Days. Thanks Johnny and we all love you.

  • Mar 26Michelle says:  

    Two days in Chicago!!!!

    Saturday and Sunday
    April 5th and 6th
    West Suburban Aurora Downtown

    I’m totally there!

  • Mar 26Tom and Michelle Rokosz says:  

    Thank you Johnny Depp for taking the extra time out after filming to greet fans and for shaking my wifes hand. I am also excited that you stayed at the house that I helped paint. My wife wishes that she could have dinner at the house I helped painted. Thanks Again!
    Tom and Michelle

  • Mar 26Jen from Merrillville says:  

    does anyone know what time the filming wraps tonite. I heard he’s meeting fans again, and just wanted to know what time. I have a 2 year old and can’t be there ALL day. If anyone knows PLEASE let me know!!! :) thanks


  • Mar 27helen says:  

    The jerk could not even bother to come out and wave to the kids in crown point. Stuff your movie!

  • Mar 27Carrie says:  

    I was in CP for 5 hours on Monday night, 6 yesterday, and I was there tonight when he was leaving. I just want to say that Johnny is amazing. There were thousands of people there and he took the time to come out after a long day of filming to shake peoples hands and take pictures. And tonight he leaned out of his truck drove by slow and thanked everyone for staying out so late. And thats why people love Johnny Depp. And to those of you saying he didnt come out….well you just werent there at the right times….cause he came out EVERY NIGHT for his fans! INDIANA LOVES YOU JOHNNY!

  • Mar 27Cheryl Walsh says:  

    Johnny you sure are a Gem!!!

    Yes you sure do know how to treat your fans!

    I was outside for 4 hours on Tuesday and yes you sure did take the time to see all your fans.
    You could have just went to one area but you make a point to go to all the areas!

    You sure are a wondeful example of how the human race to be! Kind!!!

    I am a fan for life!!!!

    Your the greatest!

    I am sure glad you came to our town in crown Point Indiana and you are welcome here anytime!!!

    God bless you Johnny!!

  • Mar 27Anita says:  

    I wish he would come and do a movie here where I live in the okeefenokee swamps of south ga.I would never leave if he were here..I so adore you Johnny

  • Mar 29rebecca says:  

    Is Johnny still in Indiana? & If hes not does anyone know if he will be back?

  • Mar 29amy says:  

    i live in indianapolis and i plan on driving [ or, well, having my mom drive me ] up to crown point this thursday cos i’m on spring break. do you think that johnny will still be generous enough to go out into the crowd.? just wondering.

  • Mar 29Jackie says:  

    I was watching the videos of the meet and greets with Johnny and his fans on youtube…and I must say I felt so embarrased!
    I would probably be the same way if I was there, but I couldn’t watch the video for more than 5 seconds without thinking, “Oh my god, I wonder if Johnny wants them to stop screaming”

  • Mar 30marika says:  

    johnny depp is not an actor i feel when he act like its real i love him so so much and i wantreally to act i am an egyptoin but i learn english fr many many years and i really act very fine so plz i am asking for a chanse thx from mariam johnny depps lover thx for johny depp bec i saw him in the films bye bye

  • Mar 30Tim says:  

    I missed him in Indiana! Grr!

  • Mar 30eLaiNe says:  

    i live here in aurora and i heard that he’s gonna be here.. what for?! i’m like 10mins away to downtown aurora..

  • Apr 02Alexa says:  

    I’ve posted on here before, but I mom works at the great escape which is in the hall of justice in CP.

    In the Ballroom, There was a drumset, and a few guitars that Phil (my moms boss) brought from home. Johnny requested that there be an instrument for him to play during intermissions.

    On Wednsday night I got to go to the wrap party and meet him in person.

    I am a relative of John Dillinger, His nephew married my Great Great Grandmother. They had seven kids.

    I have a book all about him and I asked Johnny if he would possible if he could sign it because he is my favorite actor.

    To my surprise, he signed it and then smiled at me.


    Some of you may know George Constas who is the locations director for the movie, He was the short, tam man in a brown Jacket running around with all kinds of signs and everything. He is a friend of my my family and A great guy.

    I am so glad to have met him.
    I’ll never forget it.

  • Apr 02Amy says:  

    Hey???? will he be filming early in the day on the 5th and 6th of April???? I am calling in to work….in hopes of seeing him:)

  • Apr 02Meagan says:  

    I had the chance to meet him on the 25th. My mother and I sat outside from three in the morning until he came out later that night about 10:15-ish. He is so sincere! He was taking his time with shaking everybody’s hand and talking to his fans! He even hugged people! When he came to me, I asked for a hug and he said “Certaintly so,” and oh my, my knees went weak (he smelled extravagant, too XD)! My birthday had been three days before and my mother told him that he was featured on my birthday cake and he looked back at me and said “I’m so very sorry.” :) He’s such a gentleman and the fact that he spent a good ten plus minutes outside after an exhausting day was just beyond grand! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Johnny!

  • Apr 04janelle says:  

    hi my name is janelle i live in florence (italy) and i wonted to thank jonny

  • Apr 12emily says:  

    Does anyone know how long they will b filming for in WI??

    I want to see Johnny!

  • Apr 19jessica says:  

    Johnny depp dear I am your fan but I do not know, ‘because English’ are italiano.I ‘m 13 years old and my name is jessica
    Are beautiful and very good.
    But I piaci not only the physical aspect but also because your films are all strange and you are very good

  • Apr 26Ashleigh says:  

    Oh, Johnny, I wish you would come to Australia!! Me and my best friend are Johnny’s BIGGEST fans!! We sooo want him to do a movie in Aus, because, trust me, we’d travel to any state jsut to see him!

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