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June 9, 2009

Happy birthday, Johnny, to your 46th bday. We wish you a safe and happy day with your friends and family. This is from all of the staff and visitors.

  • Jun 09niloo beygi says:  

    Happy Birthday may father…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

  • Jun 09Sandy says:  


  • Jun 09teresa kay says:  

    Have a Happy Memory Day, Everyday!

  • Jun 09mary says:  

    happy birthday johnny depp

  • Jun 09Ricky says:  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Jun 09Andrei says:  

    Happy B-day Johnny, I wish you health and happyness in all aspects of your life, and thank you for constantly reminding me what it takes and what it means to be a great man, a good person, actor and musician, and a pretty decent and humble inhabitant of this planet we so often forget to feel small on :)

    Andrei from Gura Humorului, Romania

  • Jun 09Samantha says:  



  • Jun 09faina ulindang says:  

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY DEPP. you are such a great person. continue making people happy with your great acting. i hope you’ll get your OSCAR this year



  • Jun 09Sandra says:  

    Happy B-day Johnny, wish u all the best!! <3

  • Jun 09vivi87bg says:  

    happy birthday my dear

  • Jun 09Liz says:  

    Happy Birthday JD you just know hes goin 2 have a good 1 lol hes 46 and still looks soooooooooooooooo gorgeous i wish i could give him a bday kiss xxxxxx

  • Jun 09vagrant says:  

    happy birthday!!! dear johnny depp!!

  • Jun 09Jenny says:  

    Happy Birthday Johnny ! Have a nice and beautiful day .

    Much kissis
    Jenny xxxx

  • Jun 09Cyndi Francis says:  

    To one of the best actors in the world to day – Happy Birthday, Johnny!

    I look forward to seeing many more of your exciting, diverse films.

  • Jun 09stella says:  

    happy birthday johnny!!!!!!!!! i love you soooo much

  • Jun 09Ilka Zapata says:  

    I was searching were to send a Happy Birthday message to Johnny Depp. I doubt he could read it, but just in case… My 9 years old daughter wishes you a Happy Birthday. She is a fan of yours due to Pirates of the Caribbean. I am also a fan of yours since 21 Jump Street. First for your looks and then for your acting. You are one of the best American actors nowadays. Congratulations in your B-Day.

  • Jun 09Elena says:  

    Today is my birthday, too…..and so…

  • Jun 09charlene roberts says:  

    your the greatest actor EVER!!!!!
    Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jun 09Tamara says:  

    Dear Johnny, with all my heart I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish HEALTH, successes in your creativity. You the best! I congratulate also your children and Vanessa! Happiness all of you. Tamara from Moscow.

  • Jun 09Erin says:  

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Johnny
    Happy Birthday to you

    And Many More!!!!

    Lots of <3 for you!

    Your fan,

  • Jun 09VL says:  

    Happy Birthday, johnny!
    You are my favourite actor!

  • Jun 09Mehdi Pazoki says:  

    Happy Birthday Johnny

  • Jun 09Gessica says:  

    best wishes Johnny!!!! it is also today my birthday…I have turned 17 years old:) you are my preferred actor and you will be forever it…kisses from me and my mother that she adores yourself…me however more:) kiss

  • Jun 09Debbie Stottler says:  

    Johnny have a wonderful Birthday with your family and friends, i love your work and you are just the best.

    someday i hope to meet you in person, it is a dream i have.

    Debbie Stottler
    Torranc, CA

  • Jun 09kiara says:  

    caro johnny,
    voglio farti gli auguri per il tuo compleanno.
    sei meraviglioso,bello,stupendo,fantastico e non vedo l’ora di poterti incontrare.
    kiara 97

  • Jun 09Ellen Ford says:  

    Happy Birthday Johnny! You’re the best!

  • Jun 09Katie (I've already told you I'm Katie) says:  

    HAPPY B-DAY JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from evrbdy I know

  • Jun 09Mary says:  

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my dear johnny, happy birthday to you!!!…I hope that you pass an happy and beautiful day with your family! Remember always that you have a large large large family: all your fans and the people that love you and admire your job. My boyfriend and me are one of these. Happt birthday! We love you. Mary and Ricky

  • Jun 09CLAUDIA :-) says:  

    CON AMOR…………….

  • Jun 09Susan says:  

    You were born 2 days after my 15th birthday. I love celebrating my birthday and honoring yours by watching one of your movies each time. This year was CHOCOLAT. My friend, Vicki , has a birthday June 4. So,every year we eat lots of chocolate to celebrate all 3 birthdays. I admire and appreciate your talent. My 12 year old grandson ,Reznor, is in charge of inviting you to my 100th birthday party June 7,2048. See you then!! Enjoy your day!

  • Jun 09Kristina Mengis says:  

    HAPPY 46 BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!! <3 you are an amazing actor! hope today is wonderful!!! =]

  • Jun 09Nancy says:  

    Happy birthday to the gorgeous creature who stole our hearts!
    Johnny Depp, I love ya!!!

  • Jun 09Danny Depp says:  

    hellom johnny .i love you….i am daniela, and i live in colombia……happy birthday..i love you so much.

  • Jun 09Moises says:  

    HEy i´m moises, from dominicana republic and i wanna say happy birthday to Johnny and to me cause it´s my bday too.

    Johnny i hope your enjoy our day with your families and friends.

    Happy Bd
    Feliz cumpleaños

  • Jun 09Samantha says:  

    Happy birthday johnny soryy i´m so late ,,I love you´´

  • Jun 09Cutlass Colli says:  

    Have a Happy Birthday Johnny. May you always have love and blessings surround you and yours.

  • Jun 10menna says:  

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to johnny
    happy birthday to you

    =) =) =)

  • Jun 10vagrant says:  


  • Jun 10Mary White says:  

    Happy Belated Birthday Johnny. Also let me wish you a Happy Father’s day. Can’t wait to see the movie Public Enemies just 20 more days. I waited out in the cold last March and it’s finally here. YaHoo!

  • Jun 10Mary W says:  

    I would just like to say that I think you are a very nice and kind person especially to your fans which is very rare for entertainers. But someday I would like to meet you in person like that will ever happen but, who knows. I have two children who would just be so excited to meet you they think your just great and so do I.
    Your a brilliant actor and you can play any role they give you. Basically I Love You

  • Jun 10Leyla says:  

    Happy birthday Johnny
    May you always be so succsessfull and blessfull!!!!!
    I love you!!!!

  • Jun 11edel says:  

    hi johnny… hope you read this… i don’t know you well but i can show you how much i love you. if u just give me a chance… happy b-day!!!!!

  • Jun 13Brenda Angeles says:  

    feliz cumpleaños johnny depp te amo y yo nunca me olvido de tu cumpleaños.
    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 13Karla says:  

    Happy birthday Johnny!!! I hope you’ve had a nice day with your loved ones.

    You’re the best actor and person ever!!!!
    greetings from Chile!!!

  • Jun 15BAYAN says:  

    happy birthday johnny..I know im very late..but im realy sorry….im Bayan from Jordan , I wish for you the happiness whith your family.

  • Jun 15BAYAN says:  

    Im waiting your1000 birthday..!
    Happy birthday johnny! Im
    Bayan from jordan…since the time i saw the pirate of the caribbein,johnny depp is the best.

  • Jun 15patoo! says:  

    my loveeee!
    johnny te amoooo!
    happy birthday!((o como se escriba ajaja)
    oh i love u!
    is late but well i dont had anytime
    i dont know write in english well sorry!
    i loveee u!!!!!!!
    de uruguay!

  • Jun 16zhaleh says:  

    hi johnny

    happy birthday my love

    i love u sooooooooooooo much

  • Jun 17Sarah Saunders says:  

    Happy belated 46th birthday.

    Best wishes on your birthday.

  • Jun 17tahnee says:  

    happy birthday johnny depp i just want to say that i wish you health and joy and plesant dreams ps just want to say your the best

    Luv ya

  • Jun 18romaselle varias says:  

    hello johny dear..happy birthday to you..i wish you to do have more films in the future and great sucess in life..continue to make people happy by your excellent acting talent.wether you marry ur longtime partner ms vanessa or not,we, ur fans here in the philippines will support you all d way,in our small ways..

    again…happy bday.. we love you SIR..

  • Jun 19Evelina says:  

    u know, u are fantastic and wonderful, u have a big hart , I know u are good husband, kindly father and lovly person for all of family and friends , God bless u Johnny :-) , be happy

  • Jun 19Becca says:  

    Happy belated birthday! I am so lucky to be born on June the ninth as well!

  • Jun 20cyndel says:  

    I love u :D

  • Jun 22pirate says:  

    Happy birthday

  • Jun 23Kristina Mengis says:  

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! =]

  • Jun 27caroline says:  

    happy birthday johnny , i love you

  • Jun 29Elizibith says:  

    Happy Birthday Johhny Depp Im A BIG BIG BIG Fan Of U I Love U So Much , Hope U read My Message And Keep The Good Work Up Love Ya!

    Ur Big Fan,

  • Jun 29Danielli Marin says:  

    Eu sempre fui apaixonada por você, desde o filme Cry Baby venho seguindo seus passos e cada dia mais…
    Parabens pelo sucesso, parabens pelo excelente profissional que é!!!!
    Obrigada por estar sempre conosco, mesmo que indiretamente, rs

    um bjooo

  • Jun 30Samie K. says:  

    Happy Late Birthday! we share the same b-day! love you Johnny!

  • Jul 01Bex.Stroud says:  

    A little Late but still worth it!
    Happy Birthday Johnny Depp
    I Love You!!
    From Your Truely biggest fan
    Bex Stroud

    p.s i wish one day i could meet you!! x

  • Jul 02BAYAN says:  

    HELLO! I’VE got some thing speachal for you ,I’ve already said happy birthday..but now i’m gona say it in arabic.. So
    “kol sana wenta tayeb”

  • Jul 06michelle says:  

    happy birthday to u johnny . ,, may you have the best birthday .. ever love michelle .. mine is in august ,, lots of love ,, take care of your self ,,,,,

  • Jul 09AYTEN says:  



  • Jul 13lalita says:  

    hello johnny happy bd i love you sou moch you are great love me johnny im from colombia writening pleace i love youuuu johnny

  • Jul 30Sonia says:  

    Hey Johnny !!

    This is a late happy b-day! I hope that u had a great day :)! All the fans from Romania are wishing you the best !

    I hope there will be many many series of PotC !!!

  • Aug 06Nicole says:  

    Hello*.* , I love you johnny depp, and happy birthday that you have spent it very well, which more I want is one day to know yourself because actually I admire you very much, for my you are the man mas perfectly in any sense:D Forever with you ♥

  • Aug 06Nicole says:  

    and were my from is Chile Santiago of Chile ♥ I love you so muuuuuuuuuuuch :*

  • Aug 13Tamara says:  

    Happy bday my love!!! You have been my 1st crush since I was 12 years old. Now am 35 years old and got the chance to sing happy bday and give a gift. That was the most exciting moment of my life, I couldn’t even say what I really wanted to say.


  • Aug 14midori says:  

    hello johnny
    ****I love you
    happy birthday
    me considero una de tus mas grandes fan …
    espero y algun dia venga a mexico
    i love you ……….bye .

  • Jun 09pooja semwal says:  

    happy birthday…………………….
    all the best ………………….
    cool pirates rocks$$$$

  • Jun 10amy says:  

    to johnny i really think your the best actor in the world no in the universe infinite and beyond i love u ps im only 11years old and i love your movie edward scissorhands and cry baby happy birth day i love u

  • Jun 08Tammy L. Newman says:  

    luv u and your movies Johnny…happy birthday!!!

  • Jun 08arnab says:  

    hi ,
    johnny wish you very very happy birthday ……….

  • Jun 09sheryl says:  

    happy birthday johnny 50 yearssss but still very nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jun 28Amiya Manna says:  

    I know am late, as I just found this website , where I can actually wish someone I praise A very Belated Birthday Johnny. You are just too good in whatever you do. Hoping you would read this message and reply. If you do so even for once I would be really happy. Please I guess I will not get any machine generated message on behalf of yours.

    Will Keep hoping you would reply once.

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