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Johnny Depp has been an ink aficionado for the better part of two decades. Many, if not most of his tattoos are sentimental reminders of the people and places he has been in his life. Tattoos for Depp are milestones to remember life’s journey by.

“My body is a journal in a way. It’s like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life when you make a mark on yourself, whether you do it yourself with a knife or with a professional tattoo artist.”


01. "Wino Forever"

Wino Forever” tattoo on his upper right arm, was once dedicated to his girlfriend(at that time) Winona Ryder with the words ‘Winona Forever‘. Later he laser edited it to “Wino Forever” when they broke up.
Winona Forever” was done at Sunset Strip Tattoo for 75 Dollars, whose adline says ‘Tattooers of the Stars Since 1971′ – Johnny’s ‘Winona Forever’ double-banner tattoo was engraved into his right bicep to match the tribute to his mother on his left.


02. American Cherokee Head

On his right biceps just below ‘Wino’ is the tattoo of a “Cherokee Indian Chief in full headdress“, a tribute to his Cherokee great-great-grandmother, Minnie. It denotes his ancestral cultural heritage.


03. The Brave Symbol

The “Brave Symbol” on his inside right arm is from his movie The Brave.


04. Heart with Betty Sue

On his left upper arm he has a heart with some tribal flourishing, engraved with "Betty Sue", in honor of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. He got this one on May 31, 1988.


05. inverted triangle

The “Inverted Triangle“, which is above the Betty Sue tattoo, also symbolizes heart, and is a universal symbol of the feminine, often used as an expression of romantic love.


06. three small retangles

There are “Three Little Rectangles” to be found on his right index finger. He describes these squares as a “permanent phone doodle.”


07. the three

On his left hand is this number “3“, between his thumb and index finger. Regarding this 3 he commented in the Young Flix Magazine in April 1996, “Three is a sort of special number for me. It’s a very creative number. Triangle, trinity — you know, two people make another person. Three is a mystical, magical number.”


08. lily-rose

Johnny wears the name of his daugther Lily-Rose Meldody near his heart in script “Lily-Rose“.


09. Flying bird

The Swallow” or “Flying Bird” is from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny took the tattoo on his right forearm, turned it around, so that the bird flies towards him and added his son’s name, “Jack” below it.


10. skull and crossbones

On his outside lower right leg Johnny has a “Skull and Crossbones” with the phrase “Death Is Certain” below it.


11. question mark "?"

A question mark on the right inside leg over the ankle.

Nearly half of Depp’s tattoos were done by New York tattooist Jonathan Shaw who acted as a tattoo artist in Clint Eastwood’s movie titled Tightrope.

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