Did Johnny Depp show up drunk to a movie premiere

Johnny Deep returned to the British capital for the premiere of the movie Murder on The Orient Express on Thursday.

But if looks that he was given by fellow cast members is anything to go, the Hollywood A-lister may have taken one too many bottles.

He appeared somewhat worse for the wear at Royal Albert Hall and is alleged to have been reeking of alcohol while mingling with co-stars Penelope Cruz, Dame Judy Dench and Kenneth Branagh, the director.

Photos of his personal security Jerry Judge needing to practically hold Depp up only lent credence to the fact that he was enjoying a big night out.

Did Johnny Depp show up drunk to a movie premiere

Various reports suggest that Johnny Depp started partying the night before at The Box, a London-based club.

A source from the movie was quoted as saying that Depp had a big old night and had to be warned about smoking while inside three times. The same source reported that Depp didn’t like the fact that too many people were fixated on him.

However, Depp was in a weird mood on the premiere night, and it appeared to everyone that he’d been drinking.

On air, Depp is heard discussing his dream of visiting Disneyland dressed as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, the character of Pirates of the Caribbean. In a piece reported in the Daily Mail, the famed actor also pretends to be a statue.

“I was thrilled to stand still and shout out (in the voice of Jack), “Oi, what are you looking at?” I didn’t get any response whatsoever. I then began describing the people that I was shouting at to let them know I was real. It was a tiresome and at the same time, not a good idea.

Depp was reported to have been lamenting his separation from Amber Heard, which means he’s not yet over the issue.

Depp separated with his wife Amber Heard in May 2016 and it seems that the multi-talented movie star is yet to move on from that relationship. Amber Heard had accused Depp of domestic abuse.

Depp passed on the chance to talk to the press and set the record straight. He even missed the after-party, telling his film bosses and fellow co-stars that he needed to see some two hot blondes before exiting swiftly.

given the manner in which Depp’s recent movies have spectacularly flopped, perhaps he wants to see box office results before popping the champagne bottle.


But Depp’s camp has come out guns blazing to vehemently deny that he was tipsy on that night, terming the reports as completely false.

An Insider termed the reports as completely false and insisted that John was sober as a judge during the premiere. According to the Insider who spoke to E1 News, Mr. Depp came directly from the premier. They added that his security was merely maneuvering him around as they have always done over the years.

Following the claims lodged against him, a section of the viewers criticized Johnny Depp’s on Graham Norton, terming it as uncomfortable to watch. Depp has had a tough few weeks and even his latest film is not doing well at the Box Office.


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