Johnny Depp Barber Movie – The Untold stories


The main actor, Benjamin Barker was living in the Victorian London with his lovely wife Lucy and together they were blessed with one child, Johanna. Lucy was so beautiful that she attracted the attention of judge Turpin who was very corrupt indeed. Judge Turpin goes ahead to falsely accuse Benjamin Barker that he was involved in criminal activities which he did not and later abuses his wife after snatching her from him. Benjamin is then jailed for fifteen years and comes back to London with a new name “Sweeny Todd”, where he seeks to avenge himself against judge Turnip. This article will offer more details about Johnny Depp Barber Movie that you are anxiously waiting to know. Continue reading on…..

Johnny Depp Barber MovieThe Return of Benjamin Barker after 15 years of imprisonment

After coming out of prison, Benjamin vows revenge against judge Turnip, for the cruel punishment he got in the prison, but also for devastating effects this had on her wife Lucy and their daughter, Johanna. Benjamin goes ahead to open his former barber shop which was situated near Mrs. Nellie Lovett’s shop for meat pies. Lucy narrates to Benjamin how his wife Lucy was raped by judge Turnip, Lucy later took arsenic and poisoned herself. Their daughter, Johanna was taken by Turnip to be his ward. Mrs. Lovett offers Benjamin a pair of razors and goes ahead to open his barbershop.

Antony Finds love for Johanna and Elopes with her

While wandering through London streets, Antony finds Johanna seated on a window planning to escape from judge Turnip harassment. He immediately loves her and Turnip seem to disapprove this move. However, Antony is more than determined to continue eloping with Johanna.

Sweeny Todd attends a shaving barber contest

Todd goes to a shaving contest where he denounces a hair tonic as fraudulent that was made by Adolfo Pirelli and challenges them to show their shaving skill in that contest.