Johnny Depp carries his Jack Sparrow Costume Everywhere he goes

One thing is for sure, Johnny Depp loves his Jack Sparrow costume. Johnny is always prepared to bring out Jack Sparrow, the character he plays on Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster a multibillion production that has made roughly $800 million. Depp’s character as Captain Jack Sparrow has made a huge impact in his career. Before he was given the role, he was simply known as a cult film favorite. Years later, he is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood.

Depp visits children’s Hospital as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp has on several occasions made hospital tours to entertain children while dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. At BC Children’s hospital in Canada, he had a five hour tour where he interacted with the young ones admitted at the pediatrics, neurology and oncology departments. During the tour, he hosted a pirate themed party, had talks with the children and took lots of photos. He wore the full costume for the five hours he was at the BC Children’s hospital. After the tour, the hospital appreciated his visit by commending his good work via a Facebook post. BC Children’s hospital is a pediatric care facility that caters for children with serious injuries and illnesses. He made the visit during a filming tour for the comedy, Richard Says Goodbye.

Johnny Depp carries his Jack Sparrow Costume Everywhere he goes-1

Prior to visiting BC Children’s hospital, Depp had also visited the Great Ormond hospital (GOSH). His daughter was admitted in GOSH in 2007 with a kidney problem, a period that he highlights as the darkest time in his life. Depp claimed that he returned to the hospital dressed in his character as a gift. In an interview he also stated that being able to brighten the smiles of the children in the hospital meant the world to him.

Earlier in 2015, he also showed up at the Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s hospital. . He arrived in a helicopter dressed up in his full Jack Sparrow outfit and makeup. They had toured the area to film Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He and co-star Stephen Graham spent roughly two hours with the children admitted in the hospital. Sources say that he had requested for his visit not to be publicized but his fans could not contain the excitement; cute pictures were published all over social media.

About Johnny Depp

Born in June 9, 1963, Depp is an actor, musician and director. He was raised in Florida by his parents John Christopher Depp and Betty Sue. He dropped out of school at the age of 15, after which he was involved in a series of music garage bands. While on a visit to Los Angeles, he landed his first acting job in the horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. More opportunities opened up which saw him rise to one of the world’s biggest film stars. Away from acting, Johnny is a well known philanthropist who loves giving back to the society. He is especially involved in children hospitals where he has made monetary contributions and showed up in person on several occasions to cheer up the children.


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