Johnny Depp First Movie

Being an actor is a difficult road to take. It usually comes with practice, talent and a bit of luck. Fame is already saturated nowadays. Most of the famous actors and actresses started on small projects and then introduced to a wider audience which makes them recognizably famous. Just like what other actors achieved, Johnny Depp rose to stardom after being starred on different high-grossing films such as Sleepy Hollow,’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and the Pirates of the Carribean’ series.

Nightmare on Elm Street johnny deppJohnny Depp first movie was the 1984 movie, Nightmare on Elm Street’ This horror film was directed and written by Wes Craven. Besides Johnny Depp, other film stars like Heather Langenkamp, Ronee Blakley, John Saxon, Jsu Garcia, Amanda Wyss and Robert Englund also starred in this movie. The movie plot basically revolves around a group of friends who are being tormented, stalked and killed in their dreams by a clawed killer named Fred Krueger.

Johnny Depp first movie, Nightmare on Elm Street’ was a fruitful and rewarding experience for him since this became his stepping stone to more major roles in Hollywood. Pioneering in this film made him a true actor. This has become his first success on being a big actor and made him a recognizable star. After Johnny Depp first movie, series of success followed him when he starred and landed a role in several popular films. This made him a renowned actor and was recognized for his work on the silver screen.

Johnny Depp, being a huge star has become one of the most versatile actors today. He was born to perform in front of the camera and stage lights. There is no doubt Johnny Depp became one of the in-demand actors of his age and one of the sought-after talents in the entertainment. He enjoys doing all these works and he always intended to put everything in his performance every time he is seen on the big screen