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December 7, 2006         Posted by Luciana         224     14     0

Actors go to all sorts of lengths to get into character for their roles, and to make them as real as possible. Take Christian Bale: The man starved himself twenty pounds beyond his nutritionist’s recommendation, morphing into barely more than a pile of bones and skin for The Machinist. It was a bigger personal commitment than overeating for a few months to gain a few curves. Beyond moulding their body, what do actors do to prepare? They might perform some interviews or immerse themselves in the environment.

Well, rumor has it that interviews aren’t enough for Johnny Depp. As Erik Davis reported almost a year ago, Depp is re-teaming with Tim Burton for a film adaptation of the strange Stephen Sondheim musical, Sweeney Todd. Playing the vicious barber who collects human parts for Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies, Depp has been trying to get into character, and it seems he couldn’t find a killer barber to learn from.

Nevertheless, when rehearsals for the film start next month, he will be ready. To get into his new character, Depp has taken a different approach. While listening to “Dies Irae,” an old hymn used in Roman Catholic mass, Depp slices through the air, imagining that he’s slicing throats. Creepy much? His partner, Vanessa Paradis, thinks so. I imagine it can be fun and maybe even sexy for him to swagger around the house like Keith Richards, but it’s not surprising that his murderous mimicking is scaring her. I guess we should be glad he’s not preparing to be a creepy killer with a predilection for Chianti. [Source]

Johnny Depp’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ Role Upsets Girlfriend
Johnny Depp is terrifying his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis by going to extreme lengths to get into his new role as Demon Barber Sweeney Todd. Depp starts rehearsals for the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical in London next month, but he’s preparing for the part already by slitting imaginary throats to the soundtrack of Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath) – the 13th century Latin Hymn traditionally used in the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, “Johnny is always very conscientious in his roles. Now he says he has to get into the mind set of a serial killer. He wants to feel adept with the razor blades, to feel as if they were an extension of his arm. But he’s terrifying everyone by walking around his home booming out the song – making an arc with his arm when he slits a person’s throat. Sweeney calls his razors his ‘friends’ and in this song the Demon Barber pours out his love to his blades.” [Source]

    Feb 20Kat says:

    Well, I guess he’ll do anything for a role, huh? I just hope he stops it for Vanessa and the kid’s sake. I wonder if he’s gone a little too far…though. Hope his dark side doesn’t get the best of him.

    Feb 20Kat says:

    And also he is my number 1 favorite actor just to clarify things!! I love you, JOHNNY!!!

    Feb 25Ukrain people says:

    Sory but i can not to speack eglish well but Depp is my favourite actor and that why i am writing this comment now. I so happy that he leave with Vanessa Paradi!!! And now i want to speack ukrain: Джонни Депп ты самый лучший! Я рада что ты вместе с Ванессой она необыкновенная женщина!))) Желаю тебе успехов во всем!)))

    Feb 26Zena says:

    Who cares? Johnnys beyond gorgeous, I would be honored just to be in the same room as him. I dont see what his wifes problem is, its not like hes gonna kill her! But if he did (which would be horrible) I could take her place as being his wife. lol. jk.

    Feb 27Zena says:

    ummm. soooo things are down at the moment….Why? cuz i wanna write some stuff on here…….can we get an update?

    Mar 04Biggest Fan says:

    i love going on to this website and reading stuff about Johnny Depp. If so could you put more things about johnny on here.

    Apr 25vanessa says:

    i like Johnny depp and vanessa paradi is so cute together

    Apr 25vanessa says:

    iwant to ask if Johnny depp will do amovie with vanessa paradi

    Jun 03Magnetostriction says:



    Jun 05dOMLI says:

    Rhythm , rhythm is the dencer!!!!! ( MUSIC) {}

    Jan 22kryszhna says:

    johnny depp is my ultimate super solid crush!!i don’t care to whatever they say about him, but i know for myself that he’s the best darn guy that ever live, a great actor and a dedicated father. love you very much, john christopher depp II !!!! hope you visit us here, in the philippines.

    Jan 22kryszhna says:

    many people in the philippines admires you very much, even our very own actresses!!! please, do visit us here!!!! hope you have more blessings to come!! God bless you!!!

    Dec 31bettymeadow says:

    hello, you are a good actor and hope that you find a woman whom both of your love will last. Let the goodness in your traits be bountiful.

    Feb 23efi says:

    johnny depp…… mmmmmm…. there are no words!!!! he is just….. perfect!!!!!!!!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!

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