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May 6, 2007

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp says that he wouldn’t mind essaying his character in the adventure series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for a seventh time.

Forty-three-year-old Depp, who plays the role of Jack Sparrow in the hit series, said Sparrow’s character has a lot to explore.

“I’ll never get bored of Captain Jack, he is so much fun. If they wanted to do ‘Pirates 7′, why not? There are new layers to Jack and situations that he can’t just talk his way out of, so it would be good to keep exploring the character,” Tittle-tattle quoted Depp, as saying.

However, Depp doesn’t enjoy the process of fixing gold teeth on, for he finds the entire process very rough.

“They’re bonded on to my own choppers! They make the surface of my teeth kind of rough, then use hot glue and laser the false teeth on,” he said.

“The process of taking them off can be quite ugly. Sometimes they just shoot off and other times you have to address the issue more intensely, with yanking,” he added.

  • May 06♥♥♥Yesica♥♥♥ says:  

    ojala!! que nunca se aburra de protagonizar a este gracioso y “medio extraño” personaje.
    asi podemos ver mas peliculas de “piratas del caribe”…
    que complicado lo de los dientes!!! pero conste que sin ellos no seria el mismo jack!!! es algo muy caracteristico de él…

    Johnny esta no minado para los premios de MTV asi que entren el la página y VOTEN VOTEN por él… la direccion es VOTEN VOTEN!!!

    Mined Johnny this for the prizes of MTV so they enter the page and THEY VOTE DOES NOT VOTE by him… the direction is: VOTES VOTE!

    (espero haverlo escrito bien, jajaja!!! )

  • May 07kathy says:  

    Iam not ready for Johnny Depp to put Captain Jack Sparrow things away. If they can find a story line & Johnny want to keep doing it Iam OK with it. The character is alot of fun to watch.

  • May 09Camila says:  

    I love your job, you are wonderful, beatiful, and…Good actor.
    Kisses and good luck
    The Brazil love you.

  • May 15jacqueline says:  

    i love the way how johnny depp acts he does it very great i hope that there will be a potc7 would be so cool greatings jacqueline

  • May 15jacqueline says:  

    o yeah by the way my bedroom is full of your posters you are so cute

  • May 24Kate Harvey says:  

    I love the films and a pirates 7 would be great =D

  • May 24Kate Harvey says:  

    Love ya Johnny.

  • May 28Krissy-Anna says:  

    omg! I LOOOOOVE you Johnny Depp! You are so fine! lol, you are got and hilarious! it’s memorial day and if you were in the war, and had died, I’d make Johnny Depp Day! I LOVE YOU! hot happenins, c ya hotti!

  • May 29abigel says:  

    johnny wants to cotinue to play Jack…who can stop him?
    Thanks for him this movie is fun,he made jacks caracter!! You are amazing!!

  • May 31Lauren says:  

    johnny, you can’t put away your hat… it should stay on your beautiful head for as long as you live! when ur in ur 60’s you’ll still be captain jack…..till the day you die if i had any say in it….potc was the first movie i ever saw you in… i can’t believe i never noticed you before your the best looking man in the entire world…especially as Captain Jack Sparrow…dont let them put away jack sparrow

  • Jun 01Natali says:  

    I love Johnny Depp, this a very good site to visit cause you tell people about the most DOWN TO EARTH actor ever.

  • Jun 03Captain.Michelle.Sparrow says:  

    Johnny, captain jack ireally just you. I know you find him so easy to play because jack is a part of you. I think that even when your not in sparrows charcter jack is strongly with you in everyday life. Jack can never disapear he will always live on and i do hope you and i, i and you are both reunited with the lovible pirate. love you from morning to night. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Jun 04raylen sparrow says:  

    hey..i loved 2 see another pirate movie!!!!i just LOVE

  • Jun 04raylen sparrow says:  

    I LOVE the way johnny depp acts as captain jack sparrow…i have ur poster all over my room…its crazy…i also named my pet turtle after u… i love the way u act!!!! u r rly cute as jack sparrow!!! LOVE YA!!!!

  • Jun 06TAmi Hunter says:  


    My soon who is nine loves pirates he has seen all three. Now he reads any book on pirates he can find. We are trying to find a reall pirate ship some where so he can see one.

    Love ya Johnnie Hoope to see another movie You are great as Jack Sparrow

  • Jun 07gemma says:  

    i think the pirates 1 2 and 3 are amazing johnny depp is my favrote actor iv seen all his films he has been my favrote actor for 3 years i have 7 posters of him to

  • Jun 07gemma says:  

    oh and happy happy birthday for the 9th in 2 days

  • Jun 08DAIANA says:  


  • Jun 09Cusi says:  

    I love JoHnNy DePp!!!! pussy

  • Jun 09Cusi says:  

    nem vagyok angol de imádom JoHnNyT
    mert… és olyan helyes!!! pussy minden JoHnNy DePp FaNnAk!!!! pussy pussy JoHnNy!!!

  • Jun 11>>..jodz.. says:  

    OMG!! i lurvveee johnny depp sooo much… he is the best actor eva!! just 2 let you no my bedroom is full of posters of you… i really hope there are more potc films! god you are so hot… especially in potc… you look and act great and you cant put that pirate hat away. me and my cousin just love you sooo much you are the beat actor eva and i hav so many posters of you… i would love to meet you in person and im gonna try and find a way dont you worry xxxx luv ya soo much xxx jodie xxxxxx JOHNNY DEPP IS SOOO FIT!!! xx

  • Jun 11>>..jodz.. says:  


  • Jun 13San says:  

    Nós aqui do Brasil, te amamos !!!!
    Você é demais !!!!!!

  • Jun 15DePp_SpArRoW_4eVeR says:  


    i agree with johnny

    i like the 3 movies to much

    disney is talking about to doin pirates of the caribbean4!!!!!!

    i’m waiting anxious for it

    i love johnnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry about my english i’m an spanish girl =P

    i love this web site and obiously johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i’ll love you for ever johnny!!!!

    i love to much the part of the 3 movie when the boat was full of jacks!!!!!!!!!!

    i love u johnny!!!

    i love u

    i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Jun 21Lorayne_depp says:  

    I love Johnny !!!!!!!!

    I love Johnny!!!!!!!

    sou brasileira então num entendo muito nao
    eu queria entrar para um fan-clube deles tem jeito de fazer parte deste fan-club amuuuuuuuuu D+ ele é td pra mim por ele eu faria qualquer coisa

  • Jun 21Lorayne_depp says:  

    the site is very good!

    I m crayse for Johnny depp!

    for you , Johnny depp

  • Jun 21Lorayne_depp says:  

    Hi is the best actos

    i love the movies of the Johnny
    he is the best actor

  • Jun 25Cusi says:  

    johnny pussy pussy!!!!!! naon love

  • Jun 26taylor says:  

    Johnny Depp is the best actor ever!
    i love him so much. i hope they do more sequels to PIRATES OF THE CARRIBIAN,
    cause Captain Jack Sparrow is sexy.
    JD is the sexiest man on earth.

  • Jun 28Kot1025 says:  

    I love Johnny Depp, he’s such a great actor, I mean, he’s taking some wired roles, and he’s just doing a great job ! I’ve never seen any actor be so good!

    PotC 7 ? I can’t wait !

  • Jun 29Josie says:  

    I love Johnny, he is so sexy! And I am really glad he is wanting to do another POTC!

  • Jun 30Xx LiL Krissie xX says:  

    I just want to say Johnny Depp your a legend n Jack Sparrow can onli b played by you no1 else can do Jack no1

    No One can never get bored of Jack and Pirates its the best eva

    Keep Jack is inn you rember tht n i’ll look 4ward to it

  • Jun 30Johny Depp's biggest fan says:  

    I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP 4eva n Alwayz! ! !

    Johnny Depp Your da most talented actor i knw and you rock

    cant w8 to see poc 7

    x x x

  • Jun 30The biggest fan of Johnny Depp says:  

    JUst so you knw my room is covered in you i can never thinkin bout ya your so amazing and i love all ur films and i hope u do more

    Cant wait to see you in ur pirate outfit for the 4th time den even the 7th one i cant wait :P

    Your amazing Johny, so talented and let no1 tell you different

    I Love Jonnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Depp 4eva n eva eva! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    mwah x x x x x x x x x

  • Jul 03Josie says:  





  • Jul 05Kristen says:  

    I love Johnny Depp so much hes the hottest man on earth I cried when he got married and had kids 4 2 day. Although hes kids are so cute!

    ************************ I LOVE YOU JOHNNY*************

  • Jul 17ketan says:  

    hi der johnny!hey cap.jack u simply rock yar.u r 2 hot dude.plz do come in india atleast once.and plz make more poc serise.

  • Jul 18evelyn says:  

    jack sparrow es un personaje genial! pero si no lo interpretaria El no seria especial..
    amo como actua este hermsoso hombre! y mas lo amo cuando actua de jackitoo (L)
    ojala nunca se canse y tengamos piratas por mucho mucho tiempo! =)

    buena la pagina;) seguro que nadie entiende lo que estoy diciendo… pero el ingles no tiene que ser un idioma universal y yo respeto mi lengua.. “sorry” es que vivo en america latina y no por eso soy menos que los yankis!
    como dice Juanes (L)



  • Jul 21MaggiDepp says:  

    Hi!!!My name is Magdalina Gyrbova!!!But my friends call me MaggiDepp because I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!+359887386800

  • Jul 21MaggiDepp says:  


  • Jul 21MaggiDepp says:  

    For each that love Johnny Depp…(mooning)

  • Jul 30veronica says:  

    hola como esta mi actor favorito johnny depp quiero decirte que te admiro mucho te mando un beso y te deseo todo el exito del mundo y que dios te bendiga donde quiera que estes ok.te quierooooooooooo

  • Aug 02ToriDepp says:  

    I LOVE YOU JOHNNNYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I am like a HUGE FAN of yours!!!! And that would be so AWSOME if you made another potc! LOVE YA!

  • Aug 02Camibaby says:  

    OMG ! i love u johnny ! Especially as captain Jack Sparrow in all 3 potc movies, u look so HOT as a pirate and basically in anything cuz i saw u in Sleepy Hollow and u looked good in that movie too ! *HUGS, LOVE, & KISSES !*

  • Aug 02Camibaby says:  

    oh yea, and did i mention how incredibly HOT and SEXY Johnny is ? Cuz he is all that and above on the good looking meter !

  • Aug 02Camibaby says:  

    And i love u soooooooooooooo much cuz i seriously swoon after seeing just a glimpse of one of your sexy pictures ! *And i also send love to all johnny depp fans*

  • Aug 07sarah Saunders says:  


    I enjoyed watching pirates of the caribbean{ the curse of the black pearl.
    You should come to Halifax , Nova scotia to shoot some movies.

    I would like to meet you in person sometime.


  • Aug 07sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Good lookin,
    I think you are really good lookin guy,
    You play the part in the Curse of the black pearl.

    I liked the part where they tried to stop you coming down the dock.
    and another favourite part is stop blowing up my ship.

    You would enjoy Halifax, Nova scotia . Its where they shoot movies here.
    I would love to meet you in person sometime.
    There is an actor that lives here in dartmouth and he is the spitting image of you.
    That is really scary.
    Sarah Saunders
    your favourite fan.

  • Aug 07sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Johnny,

    I think you play an excellent part as jack sparrow.
    I have the new soundtrack to the new movie.
    You and your crew should come to halifax Nova scotia somtime to shoot some movies.

    Halifax, has the best for seafood. I even have print out pictures of you on my wall.
    Today i bought a poster of you . Will you be doing any more pirates of the caribbean movies
    after when this one is finished.
    Sarah Saunders

  • Aug 08sarah Saunders says:  

    Darlin Johnny,

    I am a favourite fan of your movies.

    I got to say they are superb. Will you doing any more pirates of the caribbean movies?
    you should come to Halifax , Nova scotia and do the next movie here.
    make sure johnny reads these before they get deleted.
    sarah saunders

  • Aug 08sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Handsome,

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures.
    You look sooooooooooo devilshly handsome in them.
    You would enjoy Halifax.
    You Defentintly have the good looks.
    No wonder all the girls fall head over heels for you.
    You are my favouriest actor in the pirates of the caribbean.
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 08sarah Saunders says:  

    HEY Johnny,

    Will you be doing pirates of the caribbean5 after when this one is finished.

    I have never been to hollywood before.
    I would like to meet you in person sometime.

    Do you think you will ever come to halifax , Nova Scotia.
    Nova Scotia has the the best seafood here.
    I can tell you that from experience.

    I grew up in halifax, Nova scotia since Iwas a
    little girl.
    The seafood is excellent here.

    sarah Saunders

  • Aug 09sarah Saunders says:  

    Mornin Johnny,

    You are such a great actor in pirates of the caribbean movie the curse of the black pearl.

    I enjoyed that movie so much i would watch it again.

    will you be doing any more pirates of the caribbean movies after this one is done.

    Sarah Saunders

  • Aug 09sarah Saunders says:  

    you are an excellent actor has anyone ever told you that.
    I like the part where they try to hang you.
    And orlando Bloom and came saved the day.

    I just love the new Cd soundtrack . I could listen to it all day.
    Ijust can’t wait to see the new movie.
    I hope it is good as the last one .
    You would enjoy Halifax, Nova scotia .
    you should come and do some movies here. This is where the movie business is in Halifax.
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 09sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Johnny,

    I told my dad that I was your girl .
    I told him i was going to bring home a pirate .
    He almost flipped out.

    What do think of that.


  • Aug 09sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Johnny,

    I enjoyed watching charlie and the chocolate factory.
    I thought was an awesome movie.

    I think you should come to halifax, nova scotia and shoot some movies here for a change.
    you are an execllent actor.Keep it in mind to come to halifax sometime.
    I would like to meet you .
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 09sarah Saunders says:  

    Evenin Johnny,

    You are the hottest looking actor in pirates of the caribbean.

    Happy belated 44th birthday Johnny.
    My birthday is in october.It is not far away.
    Best wishes and many more.
    Best luck with this new movie . hope it is good as the last one.

  • Aug 10sarah Saunders says:  

    Mornin Johnny,

    I am listening to the CD to the new movie. The soundtrack is excellent.

    You should come to Halifax , Nova scotia to shoot your next movie.

    That would be a thrill.
    I just so anxious to see it when it comes out.

    You are a fabouls actor keep the good work.

  • Aug 10sarah Saunders says:  

    Mornin Johnny,

    I am listening to the CD to the new movie. The soundtrack is excellent.

    You should come to Halifax , Nova scotia to shoot your next movie.

    That would be a thrill.
    I just so anxious to see it when it comes out.

    You are a fabouls actor keep the good work.

  • Aug 11sarah Saunders says:  

    Mornin Johnny,

    Too Bad your not here to see these commonts.
    You played such an excellent part in pirates of the caribbean.
    You should come to halifax Nova scotia.

    You should come to halifax and shoot some movies here.
    Actors come from alover to shoot movies here.
    Hey Good lookin.
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 11sarah Saunders says:  


    I have never been to hollywood.

    That we neat to go sometime. To meet all the actors and actress.

    I just can’t wait to see the new movie.

    You are such an excellent actor.
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 11sarah Saunders says:  

    Evening Johnny,

    I enjoyed watching charlie and the chocolate factory.
    Ithink it is an awesome movie for kids to watch.
    Ijust can’t wait to see the new movie.
    I have the soundtrack to the new movie.
    you shuold come to halifax, nova scotia and shoot some movies here.
    Sarah Saunders.
    You are an excellent actor. And don’t lose those good looks.

  • Aug 12sarah Saunders says:  

    Hey Johnny,
    How is everything going?

    What is the weather like over where you are?

    IT is sunny here today in Halifax, Nova scotia.
    Too bad you weren’t here to enjoy the nice weather.
    I would like to meet you in person sometime when
    you come to halifax, nova scotia.
    You are such a sexiest man in the pirates of the caribbean.
    You Denfiently have the good looks.
    I would even date you myself if I had the chance.
    Sarah saunders

  • Aug 12sarah Saunders says:  

    Darlin Johnny,

    Glad to hear your daughter is feeling alot better.
    You are such a handsome devil in the pirates of the caribbean.
    Man I wish could date you. But you are too far away across the othesrside of the country.
    Man alive I wish you were my BF.
    You treat women with respect.
    Good night Darlin Johnny and sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    sarah Saunders

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