johnny Depp Movie List – Top 5

Johnny Depp is definitely one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in present time. He first appeared in the scene when starred in the 21 Jump Street TV and played some component in movies like Platoon . We knew from the moment we saw Depp’s death scene in Elm Street that he was destined for greatness:

FEAR AND LOTHING IN LAS VEGAS -this is short film that is totaly dependent of the lead actors perfomence luckily depp spent nice time in movie

RANGO-best of the non pirrate series you want to watch many time Depp voiced the lead role of Rango, a chameleon house pet with a very ironic identity crisis. After becoming lost in the middle of a cross-country road trip, Rango wanders into the isolated town of Dirt and becomes a sheriff in grand old Western tradition.

DONNIE BRASCO– If the first two Godfather movies built up an aura of mystique and sentimentality around the Italian mafia in the 1970s, Donnie Brasco was one of several films to tear that mystique down two decades later. This film is adapted from Joseph Pistone’s novel about his own experiences as an undercover FBI mole.

Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton/Johnny Depp come together and persist one of their best over 20 years later. Edward is a sort of modern take on Frankenstein. Depp plays an simulated boy whose creator is killed before he can give his design hands. He becomes an target of both contempt and fascination when he is adopted by a local family.

ED WOOD-As for Depp, his turn as Ed Wood allowed him to sink his teeth into a role that, while less visually flashy than Edward Scissorhands, was no less bizarre and unique. Wood’s transvestite hobbies alone were perfect fodder for Depp to stretch his thespian muscles. Through Ed Wood, Depp fans can see shades of later characters like Jack Sparrow.