Johnny Depp Movies

He is called the King of Versatility for a reason. He takes different forms with such excellence that it is sometimes hard to believe it is the same person. He has kept the audiences enchanted with every movie, and got us addicted to Movies with Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has a list of movies that are a must watch for every movies fan. Well, we could keep you warned that there shall be a sense of void at the end of every movie.

Never thought a lunatic pirate would be so loved!

Unless it was Johnny Depp, of course. The Pirates of the Caribbean series have created a brand named Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. The mystical series with elements of action and comedy have all been worldwide blockbusters. While some scenes shall make you flinch, the plots shall keep you glued to the screen and Johnny Depp shall ensure little love bubble explosions in your heart!

A sweet isolation with scissorhands

A monster, or someone who looks like one, makes the audiences’ hearts beat for him. Edward Scissorhands is a movie that invokes deep attachments with the lead character who undergoes a transformation. Kept isolated owing to his bizarre deformity and later translocated, Johnny Depp makes Edward Scissorhands a hero like no other!

Willy Wonka wasn’t as perfect even in the book!

Willy Wonka, a character played by Johhny Depp in a novel based movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was beyond perfection. The 2005 release was a major hit among mainly children, owing to a unique story developed by Roald Dahl in his book. A perfect amalgamation of science fiction and imagination, this movie is an excellent choice for a leisurely watch.

A tour of sophistication

The Tourist is a tour of twists, turns and mysteries. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie give the movie a touch of sophistication all through, and keep the viewers enchanted from beginning to end. The plot of mysterious events is a major crowd puller as well!

Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger, Sweeney Todd and many, many more – the list of Movies With Johnny Depp goes on forever. The Actor- Director – Producer has excelled in everything he laid his hands on, with what is believed to be natural talent. His movies have gained him a fan base that is unparalleled by any other actor. Rightfully so, because Movies With Johnny Depp are a pure delight to watch!