Johnny Depp New Movie – A Whole New Experience with Every Movie

Johnny Depp is the most versatile actor in Hollywood who is popularly known for his new and unique avatars in every movie till date. Watching a Johnny Depp movie is like entering a whole new world of imagination. He is one of very few actors with the highest number of blockbuster hits. Most of his movies are rated for family viewing and kids love his movies as much as adults do. Johnny Depp enjoyed success from movies at a very young age and has never looked back from there on. Johnny has acted in the highest number of fantasy and fairytale-based movies that have made him the popular star among kids.

Experiments with characters

A Johnny Depp movie is all about the introduction of a new and unique character and he is known for experimenting these strange characters. And he plays those characters so well that they remain popular for several years. Characters like Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow in pirate of the Carribean series, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are simply unforgettable. He puts all his efforts and dedication in his characters and makes them look very convincing to the audience.

He started his career on big screen in the award-winning 1986 movie, Platoon, a Vietnam war based movie. Most Johnny Depp movies are comedy oriented and his comic timing is so amazing that you are sure to hold your stomach laughing. He experiments with different makeup and costumes that make his character standout in the movie. He has acted in different genres of movies and he carries out his roles in different types of characters perfectly.

His movies are mostly based on fictional stories with the emphasis on a strange looking character that attracts young audiences easily. And because of his popular funny roles in different movies, Depp was honoured with the prestigious Disney Legend in 2015.