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May 17, 2007

rstone.jpgRock & roll “father and son” Keith Richards and Johnny Depp are Rolling Stone’s newest cover boys in their latest issue. A hilarious Q&A with the “blood brothers” is expected to go live tomorrow.

The Rolling Stones guitarist was so impressed with Depp’s acting skills on the latest POTC movie, the actor now calls him “Two-Take Richards.” Depp has said, “The anticipation was mad. Everyone was like, ‘Is he going to do it? Is he going to do it?’ And then whammo, he arrived at eight o’clock in the morning, totally prepped and ready to go. Obviously, Keith Richards – the guy invented charisma. But what I didn’t expect was he was going to be such a great actor. I started calling him ‘Two-Take Richards’. It was like this gunslinger arrived in town, charmed all the women and impressed all the men, and then split.”

Richards plays Depp’s pirate character’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, out May 25.

  • May 17mrs oddpong says:  

    WOW! so nice to see johnny pictured with his hero. I think the two of them will make the 3rd movie a charimatic adventure on the high seas. XXX

  • May 18DeppFan95 says:  

    Johnny is so hott in that pic!!!

  • May 18Josie says:  

    Isn’t he!! SO SEXY!

  • May 18Just_Alien says:  

    Damn, In Russia new Rolling Stone is with some stupid blond on it!! Envy eats me ))

  • May 18MaryAnjel says:  

    to Just_Alien:
    I think we’ll get it soon too))
    ..i hope so…

  • May 19Just_Alien says:  

    Really? Thanks god if it’s so!

  • May 19Just_Alien says:  

    Really? Thanks god if it’s so! Dit i’m no really sure…

  • May 19MaryAnjel says:  

    yes.. but i’m trying not to think about it!! it would be really disappointing…

  • May 19Trinity says:  

    “It was like this gunslinger arrived in town, charmed all the women and impressed all the men, and then split.”

    That line is so ruggedly true it’s poetic.

  • May 22hilda fisher says:  

    hi.this is hilda fisher i am you bigest fan ever. i like all of your movies. i enen have you on myspace is

  • May 25sparrow says:  

    oh my god! sexy isn’t the word! johnny is s-o h-o-t, I can barely hold myself!

    and let’s end with what is, to my opinion, his best quote from potc awe:
    elizabeth: “it would have never worked out
    between us”
    sparrow: “Keep telling yourself that, darling. “

  • May 26rachel says:  

    Johnny is the creme de le creme. I just hope he has more in store for captain jack sparrow. I love all his movies, bennie and june being one of them. But there is something about a bad boy that just drives my crazy. If it ends as a trilogy it would be a tragedy.

  • May 26ashlyn says:  

    hey you need to leave my man alone you got that he is my want to be well i dont want to marry him cause i am only 13 but still

  • May 26johnny says:  

    yes you listen to my girl ashlyn and back away

  • May 28abigel says:  

    johnny depp is the gratest actor in the world!!!! I can t say more becouse I don t have words!! ceep well Johnny!! KISS

  • May 28♥♥♥Yesica♥♥♥ says:  


  • May 29Heather says:  

    Just Johnnylicous!! How awesome a picture…me thinks Johnny not too close with his real dad so this may be a great surrogate.

  • May 30Amanda says:  

    I don’t know what to say you both look very gorgeous xxxxxxxxx

  • May 31Lauren says:  

    OMG johnny depp is so hott!!!! i’m not a major fan of keith richards, however, he did did do a great job as captain Teague… i think i would of liked to see him more in the movie…if they make a fourth i think he should be in it….maybe not alot but a little bit more than the third movie!!!!!!

  • May 31Johnny says:  

    Hey! Ashlyn, you know i was only kidding that your my girl, beause i have to confess i have another very special woman in my life, infact the only girl for me michelle’s my only baby.

  • Jun 01jennifer says:  

    i love your site! how does captin jack sparrow end up in pirates of the caribbean at world’s end? do you like it where you live?
    i live in a small town in oklahma. me and my friend megan think you are dead sexy. we love you’re charecter Captin Jack Sparrow! i love your movie Finding never land. it seemed so realistic. i love the part where ya’ll are playing cowboy and indians and where ya’ll are playing pirates too. i think you play a very good pirate. yahoo address is

  • Jun 08nadia says:  

    im with ashlyn – hot!

  • Jun 08nadia says:  

    Its me again , I just cant get enough of Johnny!

  • Jun 09bob says:  

    i love you u are so sexy johnny

  • Jun 12jennifer says:  

    hey its me again i was just wondering do u answer every comment? because i wanted to talk to you because your my favorite actor. i love your site and i know you know this but your very sexy your even sexy’er when your a pirate.

  • Jun 14>>..jodz.. says:  


  • Jun 25taylor says:  

    JD looks so sexy in that picture

  • Jun 28Josie says:  

    Keith looks like a peice of crap compared to Johnny!

  • Jun 28Josie says:  

    Johnny? Yeah… SO SEXY!

  • Jun 29seda says:  

    ı’m seda.someday ı will find are like my father.ı grew up with you.ı learned on you a lot of thing.your find like keith ı must find you on day for me;it’s my daughter like,ı want you to say..wait me.ı love lily,jack.venassa.keith and you

  • Jul 03Josie says:  


  • Jul 25katy says:  


  • Aug 13Val says:  

    hello there. well ive been searching far and wide for a site that provides me with pix, articles, news and other things that relate to johnny depp…. and may i say that this is the site ive been looking for! i mean wow this is a super site! seriously, i mean if you think about it, we wouldnt be able to find these pix so easy! my regards to the creators lol.

    ok and i really love johnny depp! i mean he is a very talented actor who really devotes passion and magic to every character he portrays! i, being a teen think that he is a role model and an inspiration. he started with a small band and he is now a big-hit actor! i think that shows that he followed dreams and despite all the hardships he has gone through, he now has two beautiful children and a wonderful gal who is there to support everything he does! he is also a very humble actor. even though he is very famous and whatnot he doesnt boast about it. he simply enjoys life and because of the way he is on the inside, and of course the outside (am i right ladies?), the characters he plays and music he writes make it even more enjoyable for the audience to enjoy! all in all, he is a wonderful person who deserves all the love, respect, and joy from his loved ones and us fans! :)

  • Aug 13sarah Saunders says:  

    Darlin Johnny,

    That is an awesome picture keith richards and you on the cover of the magazine.
    You so hot on the cover on the magazine.

    You should put more pictures of you photo shoot.

    Those pictures are excellent on the homepage.

    You play such a handsome pirate. in pirates of the caribbean.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Know wonder the girls fall head over heels over you . You are so sexy in the movies.
    sarah Saunders

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