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June 30, 2009

Story by Chelsea ‘Dee’ Doyle
The problem with an actor like Johnny Depp is finding movies in his history that aren’t fantastic. Then you have to consider the movies that aren’t that good, but that he was great in anyway (which covers basically everything else).

The truth is, this Kentucky-born actor is one of the best in his or anyone’s generation, and he also is an accomplished producer, director, screenwriter, and yes, even has quite a set of singing pipes. Good thing he’s just so unattractive or he might just be the perfect Hollywood hunk … oh wait. He’s gorgeous. Damn you, Johnny Depp!

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst of Johnny Depp movies just in time for his newest flick Public Enemies, hitting the theaters July 1!

Edward Scissorhands has to be the first Depp movie mentioned because it is what solidified him as a rising star, and it also started his very important relationship with director Tim Burton. Burton and Depp would work together on six other films after their first, and it’s a partnership made in gothic heaven. As the title character of Edward Scissorhands, Depp played Edward to be a gentle, kind hearted half-monster who was never quite finished by a mad scientist. He ended up looking human except for his hands, and one day his quiet life is interrupted by a kindly Avon saleswoman Peg (Dianne Wiest). Peg takes pity on the strange looking Edward, seeing his goodness within, and brings him home to her house. It is there Edward gets his first taste of humanity, eventually finding companionship with the Boggs family and even young love with their daughter Kim (Winona Ryder). However, not everyone is so welcoming of their strange guest, and the movie ends up in a bittersweet-not-quite-tragic ending. Depp’s beauty and offbeat performance won him great attention for this role, and this is just where it began.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is important for Depp because the first film – and the subsequent sequels – made him a huge box office draw to the mainstream as well as to the indie fans. Depp had always been an A-list celebrity, but this movie solidified his place as an actor who could bring in bigger crowds. All three “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies were huge hits, and it is was mostly credited to Depp’s performance as the brilliantly crazy Captain Jack Sparrow. His pirate was a genius madman with a good heart (sometimes) and a taste for adventure. Marooned and betrayed by his own crew, Sparrow used Will (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) to get himself close to his goal, but he wasn’t above helping them out of a jam if need be. Perhaps he was even, shall we say, a hero in disguise? His hilarious persona is the most memorable of the films, and possibly one of the most memorable movie characters of all time. This is all thanks to Depp’s own idea of the pirate and his basing the performance off Keith Richards, who had a cameo in the third film.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is not one of the many movies Depp was nominated for, but he should have been. Anyone who is a fan of Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo journalism and chaotic books would loudly claim this. The movie is semi-biographical, based on a book written by Thompson himself about a wild drug-induced road trip between two not-quite friends. Depp played Raoul Duke, a character based on Thompson, and Benicio Del Toro played his friend Dr. Gonzo. Together they ingest a great deal of different drugs and go from California through Las Vegas on a search for … well, who really knows. This bizarre and fascinatingly humorous film is full of odd characters and ugly situations, but we’re with the two main characters through it all. There were a few people who claimed that Depp’s good looks had a lot to do with his fame, but no one could call Duke attractive. He’s overweight, bald, and his face is hidden behind huge glasses. He slurs his words and screams about bats. Depp carries off the part with charisma and insanity, proving not for the first time that he was much more than a pretty face.

Finding Neverland is a story about a very famous author, J. M. Barrie (of Peter Pan fame), and his innocent relationship with a widow. It gave Depp several different award nominations (nine in fact), including the Academy Award for Best Actor, and showed once again that his range kept growing with each movie. Barrie is played by Depp with a quiet earnestness and a longing for something more, for success and love and acceptance, something which he was not getting for his plays until Peter Pan. It was through his relationship with Sylvia (Kate Winslet) and her young sons that Barrie comes up with the story of a boy who didn’t grow up. It is not as flashy or as weird as many of Depp’s parts, and in that lies its beauty. Barrie is ordinary, lonely, and very relatable.

Honorable Mentions: Sweeney Todd, Donnie Brasco, Benny & Joon

And the worste ones?

The Astronaut’s Wife should have been a success with the acting power of Depp and Charlize Theron, but it pretty much flatlined in the theaters. Depp played Spencer Armacost, a NASA astronaut who gets in an accident in space where communication is missed for several minutes. His partner dies abruptly upon returning to Earth, and his widow then commits suicide. Spencer’s wife Jillian (Theron) gets pregnant but begins to suspect something is wrong with her husband. It may be that he is not her husband after all. Why this film tanked is anyone’s guess, but it certainly did not include powerful performances from either of its stars, which might have saved it. Depp seemed to be sleepwalking through the part, as cold as ice and not in a menacing way. In a boring way. It was a little too much like Rosemary’s Baby and had that been-there-done-that feeling to it.

Secret Window is based off a Stephen King novella, and between King and Depp, it managed to actually be quite the success in the theaters. Box office does not always mean good movies, however, and this one unfortunately is a big of a misstep for Depp. He walked away unscathed, but it turned out his constant eccentric nature in movies was getting a little annoying, and beyond that, people were so used to King that his endings were becoming expected. Yawn. Depp plays writer Mort Rainey, an author who is dealing with writer’s block and is hiding out in a cabin to keep away from estranged wife Amy (Maria Bello). Mort is confronted by a mysterious stranger John Shooter (John Turturro) who claims that Mort’s work plagiarized his own. In a blend of Fight Club meeting The Shining, this story goes sinister fast, but it never quite works the way it wants to. King is a genius at psychological thriller, but in this case it became a little predictable, and too much like a slasher to really work. Still, Depp did the fine … as a character similar to several of his previous roles.

Cry-Baby is an early Johnny Depp movie that has actually become lucrative on DVD now that he’s a star, but it was somewhat of a disaster when it actually came out for director/writer John Waters. A spoof of several different teen movies, including Grease and Rebel Without a Cause, “Cry-Baby” is about a rebel leader of a school gang who falls in love with the goody two shoe girl Allison (Amy Locane). They decide to fight for their love even against all the odds and enemies they may have, and to sing about it too! Now Depp is pretty awful and over the top in this, and while that may be completely intentional to spoof bad acting in other movies … that may not be a good enough excuse. The worst/best line of the movie is “Electricity makes me insane!” Find it on YouTube, it’s worth it for a huge laugh!

Honorable mentions: From Hell, The Libertine

Do you agree with it?
In my point of view, Sleepy Hollow CANNOT be forgot in the best movies. :)

  • Jun 30Molly says:  

    I think your listings were pretty much spot on. I also loved Johnny in “The Man Who Cried” and “Chocolat”

    I would love to see him play Willie Nelson, if they ever did a biography of his life.

  • Jul 01BAYAN says:  

    Im sorry i cant find a bad move for M.depp all his movies is great..
    Hes gorgeous all the time.

  • Jul 01Sarah says:  

    I don’t agree with this really. All the good movies are ok, but Secret Window is not a bad movie, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? should be in the good movie section, The Libertine is a BRILLIANT film – the acting is superb and From Hell is entertaining.
    Well done for putting Donnie Brasco in the top movies though!

    Am I the only one who enjoyed Astronauts Wife? And I found Cry baby extremely entertaining, haha.

  • Jul 02abzippy30 says:  

    I loved cry baby it was one of my faves growing up i would sit and watch it over and over i also love nightmare on elm st too and so do my six year old that one is her fave of all movies that are out. love you johnny depp

  • Jul 02zhaleh says:  

    johnny always is the best

    i love him soooooooooo

  • Jul 02Preeti Modak says:  

    Johnny is the best!! And he plays all his roles really well…he is a very versatile actor and simply gorgeous!! :)
    I Love Johnny Depp..

    I would love to see him in the role of the Joker in Batman! :)

  • Jul 02Rose says:  

    I dont’ think Johnny Depp has ever acted poorly.
    He is the most talented, creative and complex actor.
    By the way, “From Hell” is among my favourite movies, due to the manner in which Johnny Depp impersonates inspector Abberline.

  • Jul 02Laura says:  

    Why would Secret Window be a worst movie?
    I thought it was good. The twist was AMAZING

    As for Cry Baby, I think that was made purposefully to poke fun at those types of movies. I LOVED it.

    Also why were From Hell and The Libertine in the worst? They were good too I thought.

  • Jul 03kainat says:  

    well i dont think i agree becuase he does not have any bad films. i just LOVED LOVED LOVED cry baby and secret window was so awsome. i think in ecah film johnny does an AMAZING role and i just love him

  • Jul 03Adrian says:  

    iIthought that cry-baby and secret window were his best movies but everyone has different thoughts.

  • Jul 03April says:  

    I loved Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby and Whats eating Gilbert Grape was another good movie. As for the rest I agree, but he is a great actor and gorgeous.

  • Jul 03Peggy sue says:  

    Johnny Depp can not make a bad movie

  • Jul 03Jennelle Sipel says:  

    It’s diffucult to choose one Johnny Depp film.
    But the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is my favorites. Close 2nd Sweeney Todd 3rd Public Enemies 5th Don Won Demarco 6th Finding Neverland. 7th Chocolate 8th Sleepy Hollow. he played the role of Iciibod Crane like I young
    There are about 15 Johnny Depp films I haven’t seen but I know that when I rent them I will LOVE THEM ALL! LOL~ JENNELLE


  • Jul 04Katie says:  

    hm. must think more and i´m not good at that. but it makes probably no problem that one or two movies wheren´t as good as we wanted them 2b. ah this grammar. then well it´s good not everything was so GORGEUS maybe if it was then that ahwhydontulovehim man would have an ocean of fizzy water in his head.

  • Jul 05Susan says:  

    “Dead Man ” is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Jul 05Maeia Romaselle Varias says:  

    just wanna say that for me there’s no WORSE nor WORST Johnny Depp movie for me.every movie that Johnny makes,i know that he really give his best to make it the best movie of his life..reason why i dont agree with that.i guess its just that,people just dont see how great Johnny Depp is..

  • Jul 05Maria Romaselle Varias says:  

    just wanna say that for me there’s no WORSE nor WORST Johnny Depp movie for me.every movie that Johnny makes,i know that he really give his best to make it the best movie of his life..reason why i dont agree with that.i guess its just that,people just dont see how great Johnny Depp is..

    I really love Mr Johnny Depp…

  • Jul 06Ania says:  

    I think Johnny is great actor and his every film is good.I like him most in The Ninth Gate and Pirates of the Caribbean, of course. And in Finding Neverland. I just can’t pick one film. ;)

  • Jul 08Becky says:  

    You forgot about Private Resort. That one’s pretty bad.

  • Jul 08Erica M. says:  

    Well I enjoyed the first two POTC films, I wasn’t too crazy about Cry-Baby and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but his performance was great. I actually enjoyed Secret Window. I adored Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands.

  • Jul 09katie says:  

    I pretty much agree with what has been said but Cry-Baby doesn’t look that bad. Except for the dumb tagline where he cries a single tear.
    Sweeney Todd, I feel should have been on the Best List, Johnny Depp really showed us he can sing in it. And the plot and acting is superb.

  • Jul 12Lizzie says:  

    I just love watching him in any film, wether it be a cameo in Platoon or an all round touching performance in finding Neverland =D

    Amazing actor, true inspiration!


  • Jul 13mmana says:  

    I agree with all of your best movies but JD is so good you could also have added Chocolat, Benny and Joon, From Hell which are some of my personal favourites also love Ed Wood which is a masterpiece.
    Your worse films are not that bad, but I do agree that Astronauts Wife is awful, I think its his worst film, Crybady once viewed several times is not that bad.
    As Bayan says its so damn hard to find a bad JD movie you really have to check them out very closely, because what I find is that eventhough some of the movies he has been in like Secret Window have not been the best, he is really amazing in SW, he really carries the whole film himself and is very watchable in this also.

    So good luck trying to find a bad one, and at the rate he is going it will be some time before we can say man, he was really awful in that, well at least thats my opinion

  • Jul 13Wass says:  

    Love to watch him – even if the movie sucks. He is SO different in each role, sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s him. I’d have to nominate “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” as not one of his best, although, again, HE is spectacularly kinda creepy. And I must note the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” is one of his best; while still very young, the emotions are palpable on that expressive face.

  • Jul 14Justin says:  

    I personally think all his movies were great INCLUDING cry baby! One of my favs! Depp plays an awesome greaser, the movies exciting and its a musical! What more could you ask for.

  • Jul 14alejandra says:  

    i love all johnny’s movies… I’m a huge fan of nine gate, charlie ATCF, the 21 jump street (i never lose it the saturdays in the affternoon!)… but… i don’t belive “secret windows” is one of the worste.. in fact i think this have one of the best monologues of Johnny’s movies!!!

    I think the writter could investigate more and see titles like “Private resort”!!! .. poor johnny!!! :P.. i think that is his worste ever! :)

    Kisses from Colombia :)

  • Jul 14ilona says:  

    What abour Nick of time, shouldn’t that be up there with the best? Just loved his powerful acting in it. Just my opinion and personnal taste.

  • Jul 17Katie says:  

    I don’t think Johnny Depo has EVER made a turly bad film. They are all great in their own way!

  • Jul 18Jonathan says:  

    I Have enjoed each movie in their own way of Johnny Depp and one of my favorite and first movies I saw Johnny Depp was CRYBABY I have been a fan of Depp and John Waters ever since!!!

  • Jul 19marilyn says:  

    sorry to disgree; my list is this:
    loved: sweeney todd, cry baby, the man that cried, donny brasco… (most of his best) but the worst to me is fear and losthing in las vegas, edward scissorhands,

    really loved most of all his movies and look forward the 2010 surprises

  • Jul 19Bruna says:  

    I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan, yes there are some movies that I’ve likes more and some that I liked less, but overall they’re all amazing. I don’t think there are any “bad” movies of his. Just different. Even if I don’t like a movie the first time I see it. I just watch it over then start liking it. He’s an amazing actor and I’ll always watch his movies.

  • Jul 19Sarah Saunders says:  

    I am proud of him for what he does

    and means alot to other people as well as himelf.

    I am a true johnny depp fan. I just so thrilled to see his new up coming movie.

    You make us all very proud of you.

  • Jul 21Liss says:  

    I thought the movie Arizona Dream was his only bad movie. It just made no sense. He obviously was amazing, it was just a bad story line.

  • Jul 21Ceil says:  

    I love everything he has ever played in…but my two favorites are the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and The Man Who Cried.

  • Jul 22Dave says:  

    Worst film is easy…. Private Resort, which I actually saw back when it was released. Watched it as part of a double feature at a drive-in.

    His second film, very low budget. I think it served as a good “on the job” experience for him, but clearly not a very good film. You can see it on YouTube. What’s interesting is seeing how he does have a confidence, a swagger, in the film, as if he was just enjoying the experience (which I’d bet he was).

  • Jul 22Dave says:  

    Forgot to mention Best….

    I think Sweeney Todd was a great performance. I think an Oscar would have been well-justified. I would add his performance in Blow as a “very good” performance, too, but I place it equal to Donnie Brasco.

    He’s just a great performer to watch.

    Thanks for a great website!

  • Jul 24ROSE ANN says:  


  • Jul 27MMWong says:  

    I think his worst movie he did is a not so well know movie he did very long ago, before 21 jump call “Private Resort”, not his finest!

  • Jul 28fatima says:  

    Hi… all johnny’s film is beautiful .I thank u Mr.depp u are masterpieces.I love u & your movies.

  • Jul 31Joana says:  

    I agree with the best movies, they aren’t necessarily my favorites, but Depp did a very good job in them. About the worst, I gotta say I like Secret Window, From Hell and I love The Libertine, but, for sure Cry-Baby is the worst movie Depp ever did, and The Austronaut’s Wife? Well, I still like to believe that he hasn’t done this, because it has nothing to do with him. However, I think the list is good in a lot of ways.

  • Aug 02Heather says:  

    I don’t agree that the “Secret window”is one of Johnny’s worst movies.

  • Aug 02MO says:  

    Cry-Baby is such a funny movie! Spoof is the key word. It’s supposed to be over the top. It does NOT deserve to be under his worst movies. Horrible choice.

  • Aug 03cody says:  

    cry-baby is an awesome movie, it was the first depp movie i saw. you just dont understand sarcasm

  • Aug 08Johnny D says:  

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was his Best Movie in my opinion.and the 1st one was better than the 2nd but they were both great.What the Hell the Whole Pirates trilogy was better than any other movie in the world.and the 1st one was better t

  • Aug 10Melissa says:  

    cry-baby is wonderful film! i desagree!! but anyway,johnny is always wonderful!!

  • Aug 14Cynthia says:  

    Really loved Edward Scissorhands at the time, but didn’t become a fan until I watched Cry Baby on the BBC. Since then the BBC did frequent re-runs in the middle of the night resulting in me setting my alarm clock at 03.00 in the morning to watch the movie (again)! It’s just very funny and Johnny is cute… My alltime favourite (until now, at least) would be “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”. And about “Secret window”, normally I don’t buy DVD’s, but I have made 2 exceptions: Johnny Depp movies and Stephen King movies, so maybe not the best, but that’s 2 for the price of 1!

  • Aug 15Monica says:  

    BLOW is also great!

  • Aug 17Nephratipsy says:  

    I am a big J.D. admirer. My fav movie seems to fluctuate with a particular phase in my life. When I was feeling stuck in a rut, I think I watched “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape” every single day. The Libertine was absolutely brilliant! The only mvoie I do not own and have not seen is “The Brave”. I am looking forward to hearing some of his music someday, as well.

  • Aug 19Alena says:  

    INDING NEVERLAND was the best one for me. But I watched PUBLIC ENEMIES and I’m sure – Johnny have played his role awesome! I rewatched it 3 times, and all the times i cried!

  • Aug 21Angelique says:  

    I actually like Secret Widow I disagree with you on that on everyone has their own taste and dislikes and that is what sets Johnny Depp apart from mainstream Hollywood he’s unique and doesn’t follow Hollywood trends because he’s his own trendsetter.

  • Aug 21miah says:  

    pirates of the carribean was just awsome. some of his other movies(willy wonka, private resort, and fear and loathing in las vegas) are kinda disturbing, but still rock thanks to johnnys character. my favorite so far has to be Public Enimies, that or P.O.T.C. he’s good in any movie, just some come out a tad more, whats the word, interesting than other movies. i do wonder whats up with all the tim burton movies. i know they’re friends, but he could find a director thats not so morbid. sorry burton, but you seriously need to find a happy place. not everything is bloody and involves sharp objects. but then agian you wouldnt be tim burton if your movies were not sad and depressing. those movies are definatly good break up movies–give you ideas. lolol–jk jk

  • Aug 22Eirin says:  

    I LOVED him in Chocolat, Pirates (all of them), Edward Scissorhands, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the others I’ve seen, but perhaps most of all in the one I saw again yesterday, the brilliant “Don Juan de Marco”!
    I have yet to see a bad Johnny Depp-film.

  • Aug 23yvonne says:  

    i think that secret window,the astronauts wife and also cry baby belong to the beter films that johnny has made,so i dont agree with you

  • Aug 27beboo says:  

    I dont’ think Johnny Depp has ever played abad role all his movies was great and He’s an amazing actor …

  • Aug 28Irene (johnny lover) says:  

    Secret window. Fav movie of all time. Cry baby was awesome and I do agree that “What’s eating gilbert grape” Should be in here as well as his new flick public enemy. His acting is versatile and the best of his time. He plays all his roles to the max! I love him.

    He needs to leave, unnamed chick, and totally be with me.

  • Aug 30Who am I? says:  

    I think you got this fairly right, but there are some mistakes.

    Although Cry Baby wasn’t the best acting Depp has ever done, it’s utterly entertaining and for that alone is worthy of not being in his worst films. Also, have you any idea how hard it is to act badly when you are actually a really good actor?! Very difficult, so props to him for that. :P

    Oh and by the way, From Hell was a good movie too, as was Secret window. I fear that you guys aren’t very good fans seeing as you’ve picked some of his good movies as being crap. He is wonderful at every role he picks, and really you should appreciate them for what they are, rather than pick them apart because there is going to be a day when Johnny isn’t around anymore and his films will be the only reminder of him. Guaranteed even the films you guys have said are his worst will be the ones you watch once his beautiful self has left this world.

    So be grateful :)

  • Aug 30Luciana says:  

    Just remembering the very first line of the article: Story by Chelsea ‘Dee’ Doyle, so it’s her opinion and it’s not fair telling who is or isn’t good fans.

  • Sep 08sheron says:  

    depp has done an excellent acting in all his film, there isn’t a film that is worst . he is the greatest actor in hollywood. luv u sooooooooooo much depp

  • Sep 12jojo says:  

    Johnny is a wonderful actor in anything he dose and looks good but it’s all about the movie plot that looks bad.he just looks good and can pull anything off.

  • Sep 12nousa says:  

    i love jhonny deep i can just say this and l love all his movies
    he was a very good acteur welly when you look at is eye you see the truth not acting and this somthing never found it it s special

  • Sep 12nousa says:  

    i love him he was very cute and very honest that s why he is my best acteur now and forever

  • Sep 12nousa says:  

    iin my opinion the best movie is the last movie

  • Sep 20Macy says:  

    How dare they?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Seret Window is my #1 favorite moie of all fuckin time!!!!!
    I know its got that kinda,weird sleepy horror movie thing goin on,but i seriouly love love LOVE that movie to death and ive memorised basically every.line.

    & In my opinion Johnny’s never really done a bad movie,like,his acting is ALWAYS top notch,the only thing that could b considered a “bad Johnny Depp movie” would be,the co-actors acting,or the movie plot,but ,he’ clearly does the roles he likes & wants to do & dont give a shit about what anyone else says.And i love him for that.Whata man,whata man…..

  • Jan 18Bikram says:  

    The best depp movies for me are “secret window”, “the ninth gate”, “sleepy hollow”, “charlie & the chocolate factory”, “sweeney todd”,etc.The first three are the best.

  • May 04Tarun says:  

    What about “Blow”? I’ve seen it a zillion times and still can’t get enough of it. It was one of Depp’s finest performances.

  • Jan 31Lucy says:  

    His best role is in Finding Neverland,Edward,Ed Wood,What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and i liked his role in Arizona Dream..Offcourse there is many others like Dead man ( which is one of his best movies) ,Brave (With Marlon Brando) and Don Juan DeMarco (again Brando) and you didn’t mentioned them..It’s little bit sad that people are watching his movies based on his looks,and he tries to avoid that..He said that like milion times..I like his talent and his taste in movies..I would like to see him and Quentin Tarantino working togheter!

  • Nov 05neana says:  

    In your comment on Secret Window, I believe your statements about Stephen King were out of line. There is no other writer of his time that can covey the “creep factor” like King. So I yawn at your opinion.

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