Johnny Depp's iconic scoundrel

Jack Sparrow, one of Johnny Depp iconic figures who has featured in the Pirates of The Caribbean, could be eliminated in the next episode of the film. Jack Sparrow, the legendary pirate and the captain of the Black Pearl is revered for his trickster traits in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. He comes out as a master of self-interest and self-promotion and a captain of dubious sobriety and morality.

His roguish and dubious character has made him a resourceful and an unequivocal admiration in the blockbuster industry. It, however, appears like it is time for Johnny depp’s Jack sparrow to walk the plank as he is likely to lose his position in the next episode of Pirates of the Caribbean. Brenton Thwaites and Kaye Acodelario, the new young stars in the franchise are likely to seize his popularity stakes, as it has been reported.

Johnny Depp's iconic scoundrel

According to the reports in the Daily Star, Edward Scissorhands, the 54-year old actor popularly known as Jack Sparrow, might be phased out once the sixth episode of the film gets the go-ahead. this might be in favor of these two newcomers. The two young stars will also get the platform bring in new energy and ideas into the franchise.

The fifth film was released last month in the Disney Swashbuckling epic. This film saw Johnny Depp, share the screen with Stephen Graham, geoferey Rush and Javier Bardem.

However, it seems like the two stars that stood out of this film are Brenton and Kaya. Brenton is Famous in the films Maleficent and The Gods of Egypt, while Kaya is popular for her Maze Runner and E4’s Skins films.

Speaking to the daily star, one of the insiders said, “There was once a time when Johnny deep gave the grounds to watch these films. This is not the case anymore as depicted in the audience.”

The inclusion of kaya and Brenton has become a point of interest as it could bring a new energy into this film.

Mirror Online has already contacted Johnny Depp’s representative for his Comments.

It is, however, worth noting that Johny Depp’s role has been very fundamental in the film franchise. The American producer, actor, and musician are perhaps considered one of the most versatile and outstanding actors of his time. He has been a key figure and prominent in films from the 1980s. The year 2003 was very pivotal as it saw him share the same screen with Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

Both Orlando and Keria exited the films just after the release of the second release, Dead Man’s Chest. They, however, replayed their roles of Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner in the fifth film.

The main producer of The series Jerry Bruckheimer is yet to rule out the possibility of a sixth film. In May, he even gave a hint that the sixth film could well be on the cards.

Speaking to Cariety, He said,” If the public showed up for this one, and Johnny is willing to do another one, and Disney is also willing to pay, then we will obviously be there.”


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