Movies With Johnny Depp – Weirdest and Wackiest Roles so far

The incredibly handsome Johnny Depp has been a stalwart of the movie industry for the best-part of a lifetime. In his career he´s worked as an actor, producer, musician and director. But what are the weirdest roles he´s ever featured in? Read on to find out.

Captain Jack Sparrow

This role was allegedly based on legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Depp´s sprawling, half-drunk, half mad impersonation hit our screens in 2003 to universal acclaim. He single-handedly turned the Pirates of the Caribbean, a theme-park ride, into the multi-million dollar movie franchise it is today. We´ll all remember the day “that we almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow” thanks to Depp´s stand-out performance.

Willy Wonker

The difference between a swashbuckling pirate and the charismatic owner of a chocolate factory could not be more pronounced. Just two years after the Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp swapped his arrogant, pirate persona for an incredibly strange, withdrawn chocolate maker. The result was another box-office hit that cemented Depp´s reputation as one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood


Probably the only film on this list when you´d fail to spot Depp. He appears briefly as a translator in 1982´s Vietnam War epic, Platoon. I´ve put it on the list because it´s fun to play “Where´s johnny” while you watch it.

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Teaming up once again with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp played the all-singing, all-dancing, all-murdering barber from 19th century London. A great voice combined with some eerie swagger and piercing gazes. Another must-have on our list of weirdest and wackiest Depp roles.

Black Mass

Black Mass was a more serious role for Johnny, but what was weird was his appearance. Contrary to the dashingly handsome roles we were so used to, here he played a middle-aged, balding gangster. Not only that, he made that look sexy somehow.

So those are the big five so far, but next year promises to be a weird one for JD who has Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, lined up alongside Gnomeo and Juliet.