The New Johnny Depp Movie

Kenneth Branagh stars as Hercules Poirot in this version of Agatha Christies classic detective drama which has once again been reinvented as a new adaptation for 2017 by 20th Century Fox. Branagh also directs and produces on the film. It has a star-studded cast which also includes, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer, William Dafoe, Daisy Ridley and Johnny Depp.

“My name is Hercules Poirot, and I am probably the greatest detective in the world”.

The trailer for the film was revealed back in May with a promotional tour held in Europe and is the third film adaptation following on from the version made in 1974 by Sidney Lumet and Cart Schenkel’s effort in 2001. It is due for release in the UK on November 3 and 10 November in the US.

Johnny Depp

Another new Johnny Depp movie making it his fourth for the year, and he plays Edward Ratchett portrayed to be an American dealer into antiques and art who looks a bit shady and is convinced that his life could be in danger. If you have read the book or seen other adaptations you will already know that it is.

“I see evil on the train. A passenger has died”.

You see passengers aboard an old-style luxury locomotive. One passenger is then found dead after the train gets stranded by an avalanche in the Alps. Hercules Poirot then tries to find out from the passengers on board who did it and why.

The train built especially for the film depicts the Orient Express perfectly with its lavish sleeper and dining cars. The narrow corridors and thin walls make passengers think that they are actually aboard the famous Orient Express at the time the original Christie film was made.

This all helps Poirot to solve the mystery as he uses his observational techniques to pick up clues that are vital to helping solve the crime. His trademark moustache also helps him as he hides behind it as many seem to ridicule him for having such an old-fashioned style and looking ridiculous. This makes his job so much more simple as it acts as protection for him.

Branagh has promised that this adaptation of the famous film will have “some surprises” as he has tried to depict a new approach to a classic story. You will have to wait and find out whether it is worth watching with the release date not far away. With a star-studded cast and a new Johnny Depp movie for his fans to enjoy after last seeing him in Pirates of the Caribbean. It is sure to be a hit.