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September 10, 2007         Posted by Luciana         1320     32     0

As you can see, there’s a new layout up. I’m still fixing some things so, please if you see any error, press f5 or contact me (by email or here, by comments).

I’m in love with this kind of layout. And this picture is beautiful, don’t you think?

This layout is to celebrate our 4 years online (done in last August 27). It’s been such a long time, huh?

Also, I would like to tell to everybody who’s leaving comments to Mr. Depp: He’ll not read your comments, unfortunally. We don’t have any affiiation with him, so don’t expect any contact.

Don’t forget to leave your opinions about the new look.

    Sep 10ana maria says:

    This layout is pretty good. I think sincerelly, it’s better than the other one, the picture at the begining, the colors…. I like it very much.

    Sep 10Jess says:

    happy 4 years online! you do a wonderful job here, keep it up =D love the new layout too

    Sep 11Scarlett says:

    I really love the new layout!! The pic you chose is beautiful. :D

    Sep 11♥♥♥Yesi♥♥♥ says:

    es verdad que Johnny se CASA este domingo 16 de septiembre?????

    It is truth that Johnny marries east Sunday 16 of September?

    no se si lo escrivi bien, asi que perdon :S

    Sep 11Wei-Wei says:

    Really like the new layout too and love the pic =).

    Sep 11Gemma says:

    The New Layout rocks,
    I love this site,!!

    Sep 11Jenna says:

    WOW I love it! First it was the wallpaper change on the forum and now I go on here and I’m like woah! Did I type in the right address? :-) It’s better than the first, I have to agree. The only thing is that the links on the top (not the ads) are harder to read. Love your site, *goes back to forum*

    Sep 12Susana says:

    I love the new layout… Nice colors and picture.

    This is my favorite JD website and i come here quite often to keep me updated. So, I just thought it was time to leave a comment to say that I really like the site and appreciate the work you put into this.

    Sep 13Luciana says:

    Ficou lindo mesmo o layout!
    E não sei como você consegue, com tantos sites haha e themes lindos de wp!

    Sep 13Angela Wisdom says:

    I love it!! I love Johnny Depp!

    Sep 13katie ponyah says:

    hey johnny whats up im one of your biggest fans and i was hoping that maybe u can write to me im so crazy about u i wish that u could call me but i dont know if u would want to i just love your accent when u talk on the movie priates of the carribien i love those movies i colud watch them over and over well um when u get this email me or u can call me at 1928-707-3766 ok well hope to hear from u much love from katie xoxoxox

    Sep 15Ronnie Valentine says:

    New Look Picture: R U upset that I never logged on for 9th September- Sorry Missed the date! Your new look tells everyfing & no Valentine Hearts on the arms either.-Luv Ronnie x Got som more of your Rubbish,Chocolat, & Neverland etc. & fink Bruce Willis may b trying to pick me up- for no good reason.- Perhaps I am carrying his new film around, worth nothing..I bought a beautiful big brown bear yesterday- got character- & saw a big brown Alsatian 5ft high, when seated-Must be a show dog- Probably American! When will Johnny e.mail me! Never! Got 3 woody Alan Videos yesterday. Looks as though he knows all about flying copters & sex!

    Sep 15Romi says:

    I love to my love

    Sep 16BELLA says:

    just to let you know, sweeney todd does have a theatrical poster and official site, but you don’t have it listed in the sidebar.

    Sep 16BELLA says:

    and your release date is also wrong.

    it’s open for wide release on december 21st.

    Sep 19*****Elisa****** says:

    I Love U Johnny Depp But After I Found Out Your Getting Married I Am Truly Upste That I HaVen’t Eaten But Life Goes On And Love The Movies U Make

    Sep 20sabrina says:

    hey johnny, whats up. i am such a big fan of you. i love watching your movies, i could watch them over and over and over again. i love your acent, its just so cool.

    Sep 21thiago ferreira says:

    adoro seus filmes principalmente don juan de marco,uma maravilha de filme som musicas lindas que me marcou

    e piratas do caribe 1,2,3

    sou do brazil ,sao paulo
    gosto muito de suas obras em hollywood

    Sep 21Ronnie Valentine says:

    Johnny, Wots goin on? ~Faster than Fairies, Faster than WITCHES- Wots goin on here? Have had my faced lined, & hurt for 2 nights.Female Witches??? Have to move again..Reciting . HALLOW ED be Thy Name, Deliver us from this EVIL- R.. MEN.! AMEN!!Tday fink I have been hit on face- cheeks by Prat Bruce Willis- Must be a Spirit.. Thought for the day.. I fink I picked up Bruce Willis New Video- WOT THE HELL IS ON IT??? – Perhaps his last movie, was to kill. his cast-or kill– a mocking bird!! Can`t wait to watch it now!. I fink he has gone MAD.. If it is him? -Saw him in Sainsburys the other month, & wonder now whetehr he folloed me. Using a small white bus, On Friday last, fink a bus tried to pick me up 3 times- Wot- I walked home..& with Alex losing his mobile Sim-Too much!! Perhaps we cn watch all these Videos together somtime! 2. In Godalming last week, the guy on the boat has been hit so badly on his cheeks & face, that he could act in Planet of the Apes.. -if its him, indeed its EVIL..Thought Kate M. got jealous of him speaking to me! Not got anything of yours this week, but picked up your Pirates of C. Video other week, now have Video, Book & clock.same.. This week I bought an egyptian plate, silver backed- nice.. & a DVD called somfing like ` No Baby` 2006.`£3.99& old Party Party video, & 3 Swatznr pack,2003-Blackness, darkness or somfing similar!& 3 with Jude Law on a set box! Got you a fabulous book on Cinema last week, but u will have to share it with my son Alex now as he is off to university to study theatre & firm-UR in it. Som fab Pics. thk 1854 to-2002-My son lost his Simm last week, so I went in & asked for them to pack up his p.time Job, for him– too dangerous to work without a phone..Young women have taken over area there , could be wrong, 8 shops have closed down in high st. in last 6 weeks. last week Jean shop, being cleared out by women, this week, Cleaners. Sketchly.. Good bk on FRIENDS- Good PICS. Bought Guys & Dolls & another old musical. Luv musicals. 3. Wrote to An Alex on internet earlier today,(prison day contact) & have asked Peter for £14,000 for Alexs Uni Fees. Good game to steal all my kids, now have asked him to pay Uni for 5 Quinns @ £14,000. plus+.Luv my kids, & met Alex yesterday & he now wants to sing too- Great… Still collecting Football bks & dvdsl for Michael Owen, Becks & Rooney, & Jo Coles..etc. – Time to sort out my rubbish. –put onto book shelves.. Luv Ronnie xxx Bethlehem, 3, Home Park Close, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey. My Southern-Mourning star & SKY r Beautiful.!

    Sep 22gogo says:

    hi ana gogo pleas anser for me ilove u 4 ever ana dreamed of u ana egepshan u agood man ana very happy t bcoz i took u imiss u imiss u ana 22 sana

    Sep 22gogo says:

    plaes ansar me ilave four evare sand me troln i see you in dream im egepshan come to egapt im very hapy im see all falmes ats very good
    ilave you for evar

    Sep 22gogo says:

    i see in dream ilave so math pleas come with me for ever you maried me …no maried anthr man …. im tawer speder you tawer sartan age me 22 old mobile nambr 0126387289 pleas coll me in egapt

    Sep 27sarah Saunders says:


    Your homepage is awesome.

    I am a fan of your movies. I enjoy watching them.

    I can’t wait to see pirates of the caribbean 3.

    Sarah saunders

    Sep 28M G says:

    Hi My son is 22 years old, and is a dead ringer of you. I know their are look alikes out their, but this is really scary! Every where he goes, he gets mobbed, people thinking its you. He wears no make-up, just his own skin. I know we all have a twin somewhere in this world, even in this world. I really like your work and Movies that you do. You have special gifts and talents. I feel that you and my son are one and the same, like twin brothers. Thanks for reading my message. Stay well, stay safe. From a Fan who loves your MOvies.

    Sep 30tara griffin says:

    i relly love u johnny depp more then the other chicks i fell in love with u when i first saw your movie i will not stop waching it i have to wach it about 5 time a week i love u more then my boyfriend that is how mutch i love you well by baby

    Oct 07Ayşegül halkçı says:

    I am fan of CAPTAİN JACK SPARROW and he is my loving. I like to your other movie.But ı hope that we can watch PIRITE of CARİBBEAN 4.ACCORTİNG TO ME,Jack must be prossessed of girl loving him,musn’t be?You are a super star in world of cinema!

    Oct 28Rose Marie says:


    Oct 28Sienna Vienna Banana Ding says:

    Go johnny depp, and down with SD!!!!! (you know who you are!)

    Nov 18AGV TiTech XVent XR2 VFlyer Daystar Ghost Argon Flyer Q3 Q3R Q3S GT Shields says:

    AGV TiTech XVent XR2 VFlyer Daystar Ghost Argon Flyer Q3 Q3R Q3S GT Shields

    AGV TiTech XVent XR2 VFlyer Daystar Ghost Argon Flyer Q3 Q3R Q3S GT Shields

    Nov 08Lancelot says:

    I hate Johnny Depp. He is evilness itself. I despise him!!!! Orlando Bloom is so much better!

    Nov 08Rose Marie says:

    Likewise, I hate Lancelot. He stinks in more ways than one (and that goes for Orlando Bloom too).

    Nov 08Lancelot says:

    Sienna Vienna Banana Ding is not as cool as Lancelot. By the way, Lancelot is amazing, and Johnny Depp is evil, and Orlando Bloom is the best person ever.

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