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February 6, 2008

Yo-ho-ho, there be plot rumors here.

February 6, 2008 – Although there has been no definitive word yet on if or when Walt Disney Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer might set sail on a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie — indeed, both the cast and the filmmakers said while promoting last summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End that the franchise would be taking a well-deserved break — rumors have now surfaced about the plot to Pirates 4.

The end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End saw Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow setting off in search of the fabled Fountain of Youth — and his on-again, off-again enemy/ally, Captain Barbossa (played by Geoffrey Rush).

According to, Pirates 4 “would toss the Elizabeth & Will characters [portrayed by Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, respectively] over the side in favor of doing a bawdy buddy picture which would star Jack Sparrow & Barbossa. Where both captains of the Black Pearl would initially be competing for the exact same prize.” (

  • Feb 07rebecca says:  

    mint mint mint that

  • Feb 07Anonymous says:  

    Hope Disney do make another Pirates of the Caribbean. I think all the other ones were brilliant. Jack Sparrow is my favourite he’s cool and gorgeous too :oD

  • Feb 07Michelle says:  

    i was beginning to write a fourth one for my own enjoyment. I’ve got about 10 scenes written already but mine included Will just in the beginning and Elizabeth too. If anyone would like to hear what I have so far I would love to share but only if you’d like to know.

  • Feb 07Michelle says:  

    I have to say if there’s a fourth Pirate’s I’ll be really excited!!! B/C then it’ll be mostly Johnny Depp in the entire movie!!!

  • Feb 08CaptainJack74 says:  

    Would love to see a 4th installment, fingers crossed over this one – after all Johnny say’s he loves to play Captain Jack!

  • Feb 08Clare says:  

    I actually don’t think a 4th one is a good idea. Most people would feel that they’re just doing it to make money & it wouldn’t be that great. I doubt Johnny would agree to a 4th one either.

  • Feb 08Gillian says:  

    Don’t do it, Disney. Don’t do it!

  • Feb 09Steven and Arnold says:  

    OMG! YES!!!
    Johnny Depp said he WOULD…if the script was good! And it sounds like a good one!
    Do it, Disney! DO IT!!
    Geoffery Rush RULES!! Aussie babY!

  • Feb 09Michelle says:  

    I say find some way to do a fourth installment and let it end there. It’s how they ended the third one that has everyone thinking there’s going to be a fourth one. So what if Will and Elizabeth aren’t involved their story ended in the third one really. Although the version I’m writing is “almost” like what they are describing. It’s been mostly Jack Sparrow and Barbossa throughout the scenes that I’ve written. How I’ve included Will is just a refresher sort of thing in the beginning. Elizabeth brings her son to meet Will and Will tells his son something. Elizabeth and her son, who I’ve named James after James Norrington who died in the third installment, go back to Port Royal and James runs off to find Jack. Elizabeth is chasing after her son and Jack and Barbossa are after the fountain of youth. Sparrow and James(the son) somehow meet at some island and James wants to help find the fountain of youth too, that’s what Will told James about. Want to know more?

  • Feb 09Gemma says:  

    Oooooh please!! make a 4th one !!!

  • Feb 09Sarah saunders says:  

    can’t wait to see the new pirates of the caribbean movie.

  • Feb 10trisha says:  

    please please make a fourth one because i love johnny depp sooooooooo much i sooooo hope they do plzzzzzzzzzzz….i begg of u johnny plz make one….

  • Feb 10trisha says:  

    i agreee with everyone who luvs johnny like me to make a new one i pray to god they do cant wait to see what it wil be about i when i read that rumor i was shocked…but plz make a 4th well hope johnny and everyone who played in it agree…..i love u johnny lol….

  • Feb 10trisha says:  

    and hey i SAy who ever says the most about making a 4th or even a 5th i say that who ever says things like i wont a fourth one they should like how many comment if their is more saying they wont a 4th they should do it welll thats just my opinion butif yall agree comment ALOT…!!!!

  • Feb 10trisha says:  


  • Feb 10trisha says:  

    Drink Up Me Hearties yoo hooo

  • Feb 10Naiomi says:  

    Yeah yeah do another POTC cause Johnny played the part fantastic a personal fav was when he was in Sleepy Hollow wooow!!!!!!!

  • Feb 11Sandra says:  

    I agree with Michelle – do a 4th film and then let it go. Though I, personally, am somewhat hesitant to believe in any Pirates 4 rumors at this time, if the plot rumors are indeed true, it sounds like they might be trying to return to the Curse of Black Pearl-type of less grand and self-important a storyline, which is definitely to my liking. Including Elizabeth and Will another time would just be dragging things on. Let’s face it, we all went to see the film(s) primarily because of Johnny Depp.

  • Feb 11april says:  

    I think it would be cool if they did make a Pirates 4. Johnny has already said that he would love to continue with Capt. Jack as there are many adventures that can be made. So if there is a 4th in the making Sweet! If not, we have what we have.

  • Feb 12Sarah saunders says:  

    That would be awesome to do a pirates of the caribbean4.

    Good luck with the movie

  • Feb 12Nikki says:  

    Okay, some folk might get mad but…I sincerely hope that Johnny does NOT do another POTC, I mean, I love the films, don’t get me wrong there, but like all glorious epics, they really should stop at 3, when you start hitting that 4, 5, and 6th film, you start to hate the character. Take for instance Freddy! I loved Freddy, but after the 5th Nightmare, I was like, Freddy go home! Okay, not the same thing, but I think you get my drift. Maybe POTC can branch out into some cartoons or a book like Harry Potter, but definitely not another movie and it probably won’t have the same director so it won’t have the same feel. I love Johnny, Love him as Capt. Jack, but will love him more as yet another zany character in another movie.

    Johnny…don’t do it. Do Disney, but don’t do this for the sake of all those who love you in your other various guises

  • Feb 12Michelle says:  

    Let there be a Pirates 4 and end it at the fourth. The third one ended in such a way that it makes you think there is going to be a fourth one. MAKE A FOURTH POTC !!!

  • Feb 13Sarah saunders says:  

    I can’t wait to see the new potc4

  • Feb 14Holly says:  

    They have to do a POTC4, OMG i love johnny depp especially as Capt. Jack!!!!

  • Feb 14Nikki says:  

    I read in a separate article that Johnny did agree for another POTC revival and the film may be without Kiera and Orlando (although I agree with the columnist about Orlando looking particularly delicious in At World’s End) So…provided there is a suitable script, we may in fact get that POTC 4: Quest for the Foutain of Youth. I think someone wrote a Fanfic under the same title. Think they might use their prose? Anyway, as I thought it might, if the director doesn’t see a suitable script, he won’t be on board which leaves JD and company to carry the movie, which I know they can, however, doesn’t matter how great an actor you are if the script sucks. I’ve seen the best of them get taken down by a less than worthy script. So, carry on you slimy gits…and really bad eggs…Drink up yee hearties yo ho!

  • Feb 14patrick says:  

    The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great, not too sure about the other two, tho the special effects were top notch of course, will the fourth maintain the quality of the first?

  • Feb 14Nikki says:  

    I liked all 3, but that’s the thing. I liked all THREE. I sincerely hope that another does not get made because I think it will ruin completely the entire Capt. Jack myth! If ya wanna see Capt. Jack all day everyday, go to Disney Land and hop on the ride. Johnny is awesome, we all agree on this, and I know that I’ll go running out to buy the first ticket to POTC 4 if ever it happens, but lets not forget what makes JD so great! He is ever changing, always morphing into different lives, no 2 characters have ever truly been alike, so if ya stick him in yet another POTC role, he goes against everything he has ever preached against being and that is being someone’s product. Lets all band together and rail against this 4th beast called POTC 4 which I fear will doom him to a life of dreadlock wigs, slurred speech, and pirate chatter. Yes! Let us take up the old tradition of all pirates! We must fight…to run away (Great, now I’m slipping into lines off the movie!)

  • Feb 14Jennelle Sipel says:  

    I know I read in a Pirates book that Johnny Depp is open to playing Captain Jack Sparrow again! I know that if someone where to write the Pirates: 4 screenplay, they can’t take out Will and Elizabeth! They can’t just have Jack Sparrow and Barbossa!
    I know that Johnny would not be happy with that because he’s worked with Orlando and Kiera in the last 3 movies! Besides as a Pirates fan I would be disappointed t are not see Will and Elizabeth!
    Plus if Ted and Terry are to write a Pirates :4 screenplay, I feel as a die hard fan that Captain Jack Sparrow would not be the same with out Will and Eilizabeth!
    So in conclusion the soonest that Pirates :4 could be filmed is in 2010. Johnny has 2 films left to make. Shantarum and Rum Diary in 2009. So I believe that if there’s a sscreenplay, and Johnny reads it. I believe he will love it! He siad that playing Captain Jack was a reward for him in his acting carrer.
    PLus Cpatain Jack is my favorite charecter Johnny has played. Next to Sweeney Todd! ~ What a movie! If you haven’t seen it go see it~ Johnny can sing like you’ve never heard him before~ Jennelle LOL

  • Feb 14trisha says:  

    ok i really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can”tttt wait til the 4th one like whats its going to be about thats my wonders about it but hey cant wait i absolutly lovve johnny depp sooooooooooooo much and all i got to say is drank up yee heaties yo ho….

  • Feb 15Sarah saunders says:  

    I can’t wait to see the new movie

  • Feb 15Kyla says:  

    I love Johnny Depp! I have alot of his movies. I may only be 14, but I know that if he’d give me one chance, he would know that I love him.

  • Feb 15Kyla says:  

    “I like Rum! Rums good.” Who knows who said this on Pirates of the Caribean 3?

  • Feb 16Rather Not Say says:  

    I have been a huge fan of Pirates since the ride. I think the movies are phenomenal – everything about them – plot, performances, direction, music, etc. And I agree that the end of the 3rd one left us needing more. And I think Will and Elizabeth are integral to the fourth installment because, as my friend pointed out, if Will’s heart was taken out so he could become Davy Jones and not die a human death, and if he indeed did get Elizabeth pregnant and she bore a son – what’s with the son? How was Will able to procreate if he doesn’t have a heart? In the words of my friend, “Undead baby!!” I think that’s a good point, and it ought to be resolved. Plus, Will and Elizabeth help make “Pirates” what it is, and it wouldn’t be the same without either of them. I also lament the loss of Norrington, but, hey the way these guys write and create, I’m sure there’s some way he could come back, ha!

    Yes to a fourth one, and, if so, Will and Elizabeth DEFINITELY need to be in it!

  • Feb 17Michelle says:  

    To the question of who said that line,

    It was Captain Jack Sparrow shortly after the Multiple Jacks Scene.

  • Feb 17Sarah saunders says:  

    I have to agree with trisha.

    Congrats on the new movie

    We all love you johnny

  • Feb 20Sarah saunders says:  

    pirates of the caribbean will be a big hit in theathers

  • Feb 20Monse says:  

    Good, I believe that it would be an excellent idea to see again in action to Johnny Depp like the dearest captain in all the times, and mainly to Johnny, is a good actor and I admire him a lot.

  • Feb 21Sarah saunders says:  

    I am so thrilled he is doing a new pirates of the caribbean4 movie

  • Feb 23selene says:  

    hola soy fan tuya tengo solo 14 años y estas super guapo aqui tienes mi correo electronico y ojala pongan la de piratas del caribe 4 porfavor

  • Feb 24ahmed says:  

    do it jhony it will be great idia

    i can help u by write new story.


  • Feb 27Sarah saunders says:  

    Good luck with the new movie pirates of the caribbean

  • Feb 29checca93 says:  

    ciaoooooooo!!!!sinceramente non ho capito niente di quello che c’era scritto là sopra perchè non so molto bene l’inglese pero posso dire che JOHNNY DEPP IS MY LIFE AND IS THE BEST….ChEcCa93

  • Feb 29Sarah saunders says:  

    I am so excited to see the new potc4 poster and movie pirates of the caribbean4

  • Mar 01Sarah saunders says:  

    I am so thrilled to see the new pirates of the caribbean 4 movie. I hope it is as good as the last one

  • Mar 03Sarah saunders says:  

    can’t wait to see johnny as capt. jack sparrow

  • Mar 04Sarah saunders says:  

    I love johnny as capt Jack Sparrow.

  • Mar 05Sarah saunders says:  

    Johnny might be doing pirates 5,6

    But don’t say anything yet. after he finishes 5,6 he might a 7 th pirates of the caribbean . It hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • Mar 10Sarah saunders says:  

    Johnny is so incredible as capt. Jack Sparrow.

    He is one of my favourite pirates

    He would steal any girls heart

  • Mar 29PATY NENUFER says:  

    he is my favorite pirate.i will be glad to see the new film.

  • Apr 19sara says:  

    I dont want any other pirate movie, cause i think this will ruin the previous 3… theres really no need of another Potc. it musnt become just a way for Disney studios to make more and more money!

  • Sep 26Kate says:  

    Personally I think the the people who have been with Pirates since before they came out would truly love to see a fourth installment. I feel that all the characters who were created in these movies haven’t finished their stories. At World’s End, ends with Jack going in search of the fountain of youth with Barbossa in hot pursuit. Thats bound to bring on some laughs. These two characters have some definite struggles, but their descisions have intertwined their lives. On the other hand, we know Eliabeth and Will have a son. (personally I think his name should be James William, but thats up to the folks at Disney) This son, like his father and grandfather before him will want to be out at Sea. So he’s bound to run into Jack and Barbossa. We all know Jack has promised half the human population his soul so someone’s bound to be looking for him right? To while Young James William is searching for his destiny at sea, he runs into his father naturally because of Will’s connection with Jack and as the New World is being mapped and some daring new adventure begins. Of course Elizabeth follows her son at a safe distance and joins him when the happy family is once again out at sea.

    Thats what I think should happen anyways.
    I’d be glad to write the script as well =)

  • Dec 02JackSparrow_1_love says:  

    I know it has been a while since anyone has posted to this. Just to let any one else know: THEY ARE DOING A FOURTH! It has been made official by the Depp-Master himself. I have heard about a new character which may play a spawn of Sparrow. Interesting. But wrong!

  • Mar 07Sarah Saunders says:  

    I am Just dying to see his new movie

    good luck with it johnny

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