Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Still a Possibility

Pirates of the Caribbean have attracted a lot of fans both in the US and the entire world. If the sentiments among the public is anything to go by, that popularity is not going to fade away soon. This is due to the spectacle and the adventure among other appeals. It has been known to shake the emotions of viewers to the core. However, like any other releases, Pirates of the Carribean has its fair share of challenges. The fans were disappointed due to the uncertainty that is surrounding the possibility of Pirates of the Caribbean 6. And this has brought about some controversy and unrealized expectations.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Jerry Bruckheimer, an eminent American producer and filmmaker, has good news for the fans of the Pirates Caribbean. He says that the fact that the movie Dead Men Tell No Tales (Salazar’s Revenge) did not perform well in the box office does not mean the end of Captain Jack Sparrow. There could be another release after-all. In fact, if there will be one, it will not take very long to realize the same.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Still a Possibility

Talking to Yahoo Movies, Bruckheimer describes the financial gains from the fifth movie as phenomenal. He adds that the problem arose due to the fact that the dollar is strong. Consequently, this has made it difficult to get a lot of income from the foreign markets. In addition to that, the movie earned less due to the high cost incurred due to the process of conversion and the cost therein. Despite this, there is no regret about exploring other foreign markers as they seek to promote the brand.

Much as it has been named as the final adventure, it could be the beginning of the final parts. In fact, it could even be 10 sequels, though this is a far-fetched idea. Dead Men Tell No Tales is built on the four previous films. There is a lot of buildup in the course of the acting. It is therefore not surprising that the sixth release could be built on the previous five. However, Dead Men Tell No Tales is not conscious to continuity and leaves the fans wondering if there is going to be a continuation.

Originally, the plan was to have the film done back to back with the previous one. This was planned prior to the release of the fourth installment. In fact, the characters were set to continue with the acting role to the sixth. However, this may not be the case owing to the changes that may take place.

Bruckheimer blames the media for painting a negative image on the issues surrounding the Pirates of the Caribbean. In particular, he points out that the media relies on the reviews as their main source of information and judgment. He notes that the fifth installment was a success in the overseas territories singling out China as a good example.

If there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean 6, then that is going to be initiated by the fans, says Jerry Bruckheimer. Another factor that will be put into consideration includes the willingness of Disney on signing a check.


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