January 28, 2007

More stills have been released from the movie! They’re at the gallery

  • Feb 23Ronnie Valentine 6Miss9 says:  

    Hi Johnny,- RE: Freddie Mercury Film- Just writing to say I worked in a GAY pub in Guildford, The Elm Tree for almost 3 Years. Would love to help on the Freddie Mercury film if poss… Sugestions:- When your filming -, u should go to Gay pride London, for some fantastic film, and Gay pride Brighton, Sussex. July and August. If you fancy an evening with a gay bunch of Guys locally, perhaps we can arrange a meet, and even go to London for an evening, with them,,.. The Gay guys are fab, but the women awful-can`t stand them… Hard film- but a lot of fun, and could make alot of new friends. I could do with some fun in my life again, and these guys r the best!!! from Ronnie Valentine Bethlehem, 3, Home Park Close, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey. GU5 0JP TEl; Text 0796-0110774 ps. 1. The Woopee seats gone.. loooked for U 2. My tooth has still gone 3. I picked-up bargains-Childrens Videos- The Fairy, Pooh bear etc.. and QUEENS Live concert on Video at Wembley in 1998/99. if U want to watch any with me. Luv to hear from you.. Ronnie xxxxxx

  • Feb 23Patricia says:  

    Hey Johnny, OHHH MY GOsh!!!! I’ve been waiting for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie they are my favorite movies! You and Orlando Bloom are the cutest guys on The Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

    I would love to hear from you sometime……Patricia xoxoxoxo

  • Feb 23Cierra says:  


  • Feb 23Josie says:  


  • Feb 23Josie says:  

    SEXY,SEXY,and more SEXY!

  • Feb 24Patricia says:  

    Johnny Depp is HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (HOPEFULLY ILL BE HIS WIFE , EVEN THOUGH IM A LITTTLE BIT YOUNGER!!! Yoou guys should be getting down on your knees and praying to god that he made a man like that!!!!
    *kiss* *kiss*

  • Feb 24Erika Madden says:  

    Mr. Depp, you are magnificent, brilliant in any part you play. You do not act: you become that character you portay.
    Yes your Jack Sparrow movies were by far the most intertaing film to date, but to go from the Libertine to Finding Neverland shows the greatness of your talent.
    I truly enjoy watching anything you give to us and thank you very much.
    All the best. Erika.

  • Feb 25nimcy says:  

    hey eres el mejor actor te amo y admiro, siempre eh, siempre ….

    k padre todas tus pelikulas.. i love you 4 ever

  • Feb 26KIRSTY says:  


  • Feb 26KIRSTY says:  


  • Feb 26Rikke says:  

    Hi Johnny.

    I love your acting. I don’t think that anyone can act like you at all! You have everything. The looks, the talent, the voice and so on. I love all your movis.

    Love, Rikke.

  • Feb 27jULIE says:  

    OH MY GOD! Thatis kevin spacey totally yeah totally wow wicked man cos i is coming up there a birthday in the house

  • Feb 27Miranda Fitz-Patrick says:  

    Hi Guys!

  • Feb 27Miranda Fitz-Patrick says:  

    hi guys

  • Feb 27Miranda Fitz-Patrick says:  

    Where is everyone? I am very lonely, and I just want someone to call my own. Please, please help me…

  • Feb 27lauren says:  


  • Feb 27lauren AKA future mrs. johnny depp (no matter how old he is) says:  

    I LOVE U JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!! MARRY ME??!!

  • Feb 28Susan Feehery says:  

    I am Johnny Depps biggest fan I have almost all of his movies and still working on getting the rest plus his TV series “21 Jump Street” I even have his third season. How many seasons are there of 21 Jump Street? I counted 5 seasons is that right? I think the best movie he played in is “Benny and Joon he is very handsome, cute, and funny in that one. Oh, by the way do you happen to know his mailing address? I woul like to let him know how much I love him and let him know that I am his biggest fan plus I have two of his books and still working on getting the other books.

  • Feb 28lu says:  

    holsjohnny no solo es lindo tamvbien es un gran actor para aqui es grande

  • Mar 01Crazy ABout U says:  

    Omg! I heard that the Premiere of the 3rd movie is at Disney Land….I am going to be there on that day…Maybe I’ll get to meet you *sreams* ^^

  • Mar 01estefania says:  

    hola soy estefania de mendoza, argentina y tengo 16 años y amo a johnny depp desde que soy chica (6 años) cuando por primera vez vi esa peli que me emociono mucho (ed wood) desde ese moento no paro de pensar en él, si alguna vez le gusrtaria venir a la argentina me gustaria que venga a mendoza, porque es una de las provincias mas lindas de la argentina y porque me gustaria alguna vez tener el honor de conocer a tan gran actor.
    he visto todas sus pelis no me pierdo ninguna.
    estoy esperando ansiosa el estreno de piratas del caribe 3. (me encanta esa peli) pensa lo que me gusta que he visto la primera mas de 12 veces y la segunda mas de 10 veces
    bien solo me gustaria que alguna vez venga a la argentina para decirle cuanto lo amo
    johnny te amooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar 01tefy says:  

    haaa y me olvidaba decir que es la persona mas bella que hay.
    es hermoso
    te amooooo

  • Mar 03kelly says:  

    hey what are you doing?And i love pirates of the caribbean!

  • Mar 03Bell says:  

    Hey!I love pirates of the caribbean!You are so good! I also love edward scissorhand

    goodbye…….jack sparrow!

  • Mar 03Bell says:  

    Hey! do you smokie

  • Mar 03Bell says:  

    Hey…….again!where do you live?

  • Mar 04Bell says:  

    Hey!What are you doing?Have you bin in sweden?

  • Mar 05marcela montenegro says:  

    your are the best actor that Ihave seen and Idon¨t believe to see to another equal good-bye

  • Mar 06isabella says:  

    Johnny, is like, my favorite actor ever, ever, everr!
    I love him in 21 Jump Street, and Pirates of the Carribean best.
    But Edward Sissorhands, and Betty and Joon are really awesome movies too, its my goal to see all of his movies :P
    I totally will, someday.

  • Mar 08kendal- 4 johnny! says:  

    omg! no no no! no one has ever in the history of the world! i am johnny depps number 1 fan! its impossiblr 4 anyone 2 luv him moa than me even ask everyone i know! an oh it wud me my absolute dream 4 johnny 2 c this an comment me bak! i wud hav 2 call 111 first because i wud deffinitly faint! i luv him sooo much! hes by far the sexiest man alive!!!! i adore him 2 bits hes the BEST ator in the world i luv ALL of his muvies an hope to c a lot moa from him! an cn i jst say he is such a crak up on piraters of the carribean! i was crying of laughter! luv u so much johnny! xxoxxoxo :) :)

  • Mar 09Anna says:  

    I can’nt wait until POTC 3 comes out, they are my favorite movies that you have done(i love you as CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!) (what was it like kissing Kera Knightly? i wish that was me!) I havnt seen all your movis yet but i will, I love Edward Scissorhands though! that movi makes me cry! i love it! its sooo cute!
    once agian,hope to meet you someday.

  • Mar 09Anna says:  

    oh and im you biggest fannnnnnnn!!!!! i swear i know everything! i and your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar 09Anna says:  

    if you send an email back johnny i swaer i woud have a heart attack i love you so much! i hope you dont think im weird because of it though…that wouldnt be good……but everyone knows that no one loves you as much as me! lz send and email back to me!!!

  • Mar 10Sumu says:  

    Hi just wantedto say thet i watched prirates of the carribean bwt 20 times and still i can eatch for another 20 times luv ya.

  • Mar 10yancy says:  

    you can’t imagine how much i love you johnny~~~

  • Mar 10Anonymous says:  

    I LOVE you Johnny. I soooooooooo much want to meat yoooou

    Much love xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxooxoxoxooxoxooo

  • Mar 10Emily says:  

    I LUV you Johnny

    I want to meet you soooo much

    much love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Mar 12yancy says:  

    I want to meet you Johnny, and I know it’s hardly to meet you in China. So there’s only one place to meet you, in my dream

  • Mar 12ashley says:  

    hi johnny your a great actor in the pirates of the caribbean you and orlando bloom are so cute you guys have made it my favorit movie i have the bathing suit the beach towel and the pillow and all kinds of other things and i hope you guys reconsider on makeing (at worlds end) the last pirates of the caribbean movie i realy love your charecter

  • Mar 12ashley says:  

    oh and i am going to get the tatoo you know the bone head with the cris cross fire sticks on the cover of dead mans chest

  • Mar 14andra says:  

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!i am your number one (1) fan!omg!i was looking for this my whole life.i know like almost all of your movies. me and my sisters just loves you! i have everything with you. my only wish is to meet you.ohjohnny did you know your kinda related to me.we both hate clowns,and oh i dont know, theres to much. just remember I LOVE YOU!and goodluck at your new movies.chow!

  • Mar 23marisol says:  

    I am a great admirer yours. I love your films. I’m spanish and I don’t understand very good your language. You are my fabourite actor.

  • Mar 28christina michales says:  

    vanessa must not know how lucky she is to be with JOHNNY DEPP. i hate the fact that his daughter is sick..no one deserves that..and of coarse johnny depp looks gorgeous in his movies all of them everyone tells me he is in crazy movies ,and thats one of the reasons i like him!hes mysterious and its amazing how in real life he seems a little shy and quiet.. but then in pirates hes a drunk and acts like it too amazing guy he is!lol any way hes cute, talented, and if his daughter isnt well already i hope she gets there!god i want to meet him one day and i hope i will, my aunt lives in bulgaria and is working on music and i hope that gets big theres only 1 reason i would want to be famous..to meet johnny! so im 80% european because my mom is italian and my das is from bulgaria!so i love u johnny and i hope to meet you soon!

  • Mar 28christina michales says:  

    i hate clowns they are freakin scary!i swear i had one at my 7th birthday and i jumped it cause i hated it!lol clowns scare me 2 death especilayy in scary movies where their eyes are all red and faces painted eewww!lol
    christine ya #1
    p.s.i have a total of 34 posters of u in my room hah love ya chow!

  • Mar 28christina michales says:  



  • Apr 01chloe~rose says:  

    love you

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    you are really cute!!!!!!!!!! i love your movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    i love the movies u play in!!!!!!!!! also your so hot and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    your a really good actor and i like all the movies you played in!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    love you

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    ur so awsome

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 26Esmeralda says:  

    i love your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 07kirsten says:  


  • May 27STAR says:  

    Hello Johnny,
    I have been watching you and listening to you talk on interviews…you never let anyone down…especially me. I am a 60 yr. old not too bad looking who can pass for 40, and I love it. About 6 years ago I went through a horrible divorce and you know what got me through it….? You…..I was so sick and you were there. I have interviews, movies, posters, and anything I can get my hands on. When I felt so sick I just knew I was going to die….you saved me! I’m not the kind of person who does anything like this but I just had to let you know that not only are you the greatest actor, humanatarian, father, and lover to Vanessa, you can also make someone feel better. My favorite movie that you totally blew my mind was “The Libertine” Such a performance and no recognition….shame on the people who determine who gets awards. You should have had at least 10 by not. So in closing …..thank you again for saving my life and giving me something to live for.

  • Aug 05Christen says:  

    You are sooo hot!!! You are very talented! I love you!

  • Aug 05Christen says:  

    When does Sweeney Todd come out?

  • Aug 05Christen says:  

    My clock is off it is really 8:55

  • Oct 09Knight's Links says:  

    Knight’s Links

    Get all the latest info from this site

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