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Movie - Cry Baby

There are 5 quotes listed in the Movie - Cry Baby category:
  • You've made me the happiest juvinile delinquent in all of Baltimore!

    said by: Johnny-Cry-baby
    sent in by: Cheyenne
  • grrrr.

    said by: johnny depp
    sent in by: kaykay
  • Kiss me, Kiss me hard.

    said by: JOHNNNY!
    sent in by: Hannah Paige Murphy!
  • Kiss me, Kiss me hard.

    said by: CRY BABY WALKER!
    sent in by: Hannah Paige Murphy!
  • My daddy was the alphabet bomber. airports,barbershops,carwash,drugstores. i use to lay in my crib and here him sing A,B,C,D PHOAM! BOOM! HEll, my momma couldn't even spell and they fried her too!

    said by: CRY BABY WALKER!
    sent in by: HANNAH MURF.

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