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Johnny by others

There are 11 quotes listed in the Johnny by others category:
  • Johnny [Depp] is so special that he is like a Martian. In fact, that's what I call him, Martian.

    said by: Penelope Cruz
    sent in by: Kim
  • I have never been sexually aroused by a man. But I have yet to kiss Johnny Depp, so you never know.

    said by: Dave Navarro
    sent in by: Kim
  • Our challenge each year in choosing a (tribute recipient) is to find someone who is a highly accomplished artist about whom we crave to know more, ... Johnny Depp is such an artist. He has made interesting, risky choices in his career and has evolved into one of the most absorbing actors of our time.

    said by: Christian Gaines
    sent in by: Kim
  • He's the kind of guy that would be really sweet to a girl and bring her flowers, but still take a pee in the alley.

    said by: Traci Lords
    sent in by: Kim
  • The first time I went to meet Terry, I said, 'Why isn't Johnny Depp doing this movie?'

    said by: Matt Damon
    sent in by: Kim
  • Everybody asks me this, whether I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't get to kiss Johnny Depp, ... We would have laughed.

    said by: Kate Winslet
    sent in by: Kim
  • And when it comes to nudity onscreen, unless I have a love scene with Johnny Depp, I plan to keep some clothes on.

    said by: Rachel Bilson
    sent in by: Evie
  • I think he's one of our great young actors, Johnny Depp has a quality i find very admirable, he tries everything in his power not to be a star. He takes chances, he takes those roles, he eludes being a pin-up though he IS quite handsome. When you stand next to him you cant believe he's over the age of 20.

    said by: Dustin Hoffman
    sent in by: Debbie
  • "People like Johnny Depp are an exception. He is the current model of what an actor should be. His body of work speaks volumes. He was so under-rated for so long, but he will have longevity -- and it is such a gratifying thrill to see he is finally getting the recognition he deserves."

    said by: Dustin Hofflman
    sent in by: Debbie
  • As far as i'm concerned Johnny Depp is the best actor of his generation. I think he's capable of anything, there's no limits to his abilities. What amazes me is that the critics are always surprised by Johnny. It's like they don't really watch what's there, they don't understand how good an actor he is he doesn't cheat by giving you all these cheap emotions. He won't make you comfortable for him that would be a foot in the grave.

    said by: Terry Gilliam
  • It's hard to put your finger on why he's so extraordinary but technically he's astonishing. He's absolutely brilliant with the kind of technique you'd only get if you'd spent ten years at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) and it's all self taught. You don't want to work with anybody else once you've worked with somebody as good as that. For me it was like working with the Python team again - he's that fast and funny and inventive.

    said by: Terry Gilliam
    sent in by: Debbie

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