Johnny Makes Comment About Assassinating Trump

So, what I am going to discuss here does not relate to your previous arguments concerning political attitudes, because none of them is better. I am not planning to start a debate on whether Donald Trump is the best president or a bad one.

The purpose of this article is to clarify Johnny’s remarks concerning President Trump. Many people on the internet have been found either criticizing or praising Trump on how he handles issues and makes public statements. Many of them are not the public domain but have been expressing their views on how Trump runs the affairs of the United States. Mostly they do this through various social media platforms, even politicians. Most of them criticize Trump blisteringly to the extent that they become offensive. So, why is that most people are reactive about Johnny’s remarks while various actors always tweet negatively about president Trump? Johnny is a normal person like any other who is advocating for change where it is needed.

Another purpose for writing this post is to warn you from sending me threatening text messages directed at Johnny. I assure you that I will not forward any message to him. Kindly remember that this site is only meant for Johnny Depp admirers and is not in any way related to Johnny or his film management. Your many emails will not be sent to Johnny!

Below is a short clip of Johnny Depp remarks against the head of state of the most powerful nation on the planet. I felt it necessary to include it to clarify that Johnny Depp is not intending to become an assassinator and will not be in future. His comments are just like those of politicians who are advocating for people to change and act. Johnny was attending the Glastonbury Festival on Thursday in the Pilton English Village. It was here that he uttered remarks about Trump before introducing his film, the Libertine.

“Can we discuss a bit about Trump?” Said Johnny to an elated crowd who responded with boos, according to the recorded video obtained from the festival. The crowd rejected saying “no “to his proposal. I think the crowd misunderstood him completely. He said that he knew that the remarks he was about to would appear in the press and urged the crowd to be part of the breaking news. It is then that he asked them whether they can remember the last time a president was assassinated by an actor. Finally, he said that he is not involved in acting but tells lies to earn a living and he thought it was the right time for him.

Immediately after this festival, Johnny went to the press on Friday to apologize to Americans who misunderstood his remarks. He said he deeply felt sorry for what he said concerning President Donald Trump. But the majority of social media users had already condemned his remarks. Many of his fans promised even not to buy his movies as they could not understand why he made such damaging remarks. But all is not lost for Johnny Depp as a section of his crowd took his apology positively and are ready to continue watching his movies.


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